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The People You See on the Bus on Weekends

Whenever you ride the bus on Friday or Saturday night anytime between the hours of 12-2 AM you are bound to run into some interesting characters. From the drunken mess to the couple who can’t keep their hands off of each other, the bus is never short on entertainment for the ride home. Here are the four token bus riders you have the pleasure of riding with on Saturday night.

1.) The girl who is riding the struggle bus. Literally. This girl is usually falling asleep by dropping her head down into her lap. Or mumbling something to her friends who look desperate to get her into bed and forget about the night all together. This girl is a concern to everyone on the bus. Then there is the game of will she won’t she make it to the Robsham stop before the bus driver notices her. She is the girl we are all glad we aren’t. But if we are being honest haven’t we all been there at one point?  


2.) The couple who can’t get enough of each other. This couple might be holding hands or more likely locked in an embrace of some sort. Or this couple is full on making out in the middle of the over packed bus with zero shame. While we can applaud their lack of fear that someone might snap a quick picture and they might end up the next duo featured on BC make outs they are still rough to stomach. This is not The Notebook folks. We don’t want all of you, and certainly not forever. Try and keep a hands of policy until you get off the bus.

3.) The life of the party. There is always one guy or girl on the bus who is clearly not ready to go home for the night. You could expect this party animal to be swinging Tarzan style from the pole of the bus or leading all passengers in a rousing verse (shouted of course) of you say he’s just a friend. This person is so much fun that you wish they were your friend, but most likely they just make the highlights of your weekend snap story.

4.) The emotional mess. Similar to the girl riding the struggle bus this girl also can’t pull it together. Whether you want to or not, you are going to know the intimate details of her love life. Or more likely, this weekend, how her housing plans fell through, because she is not so quietly sobbing about into the unfortunate shoulder of a girl who wishes she was dancing in the mods. We all have those nights keep hanging in there.

We have all been the dysfunctional girl on the bus, but isn’t that one of the things we love about college? It might make a great story for your kids one day, or if nothing else a life lesson for next weekend. 

Sophmore in Lynch School of Education. Secondary Education and History Majors.
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