The Pain of Being a Vikings Fan

This year, despite all of the history that should’ve made me think otherwise, I thought the Vikings were going to do it. I thought they were going to pull out a win and make it to the Super Bowl and make history as the first team to play in a Super Bowl that they are also hosting. I could feel the excitement illuminating from my home state, especially after that second-round playoff game and that miracle play in the final seconds. I thought they were going to do it. No, not only did I think they were going to do it, I could have sworn I felt it in my bones. This was the year that would be different.

But it wasn't. 

Once again, the curse of the Vikings struck. Not only did we lose, but we were embarrassingly obliterated. At one point, I had to change the channel because I could not bear to watch it anymore. It was humiliating and struck my core, giving me the same feeling I had felt many times before from watching the Vikings – disappointment.

I saw a tweet by @Ty_Swag18 that summed it up perfectly. The tweet said, “The Vikings are like being in a relationship and getting cheated on but you keep going back thinking they’ve changed.” The Vikings are my team, and although they seem to always choke whenever we need them to play well, I’ll stick with them through thick and thin. Even if they continue to disappoint me, I will still proudly wear my Vikings purple. But just like every other year, I’m ending this year saying, “Here’s to next year!”

And even though we aren't in it, don’t forget to tune in on February 4th to watch Minneapolis host the Super Bowl!