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Our Favorite TV Style Icons

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BC chapter.

When it comes to TV, there are a lot of different aspects that make a show enjoyable to watch. Good and attractive characters and a fascinating plot are two obvious examples. However, there is one important area that only some pick up on- the fashion. Actors and actresses have to dress the part, and although you may not realize it, the professionals work hard to perfect these styles. Therefore, some of the best inspiration for your own personal style can be from some of these iconic TV characters.

Serena Van Der Woodsen: What would this post be without a Gossip Girl star? Although Serena and Blair both have amazing style, Serena is always trying the latest style. Whether it’s dressed up for a ball, or for a casual day in the Hamptons, Serena is on point. Take note of her color schemes and accessories, because she is a top style icon on TV.

Olivia Pope: This Scandal star can always be found in light pastels and whites that make Kerry Washington look great. For a more professional wardrobe, from business casual to business formal, Olivia Pope is the person to emulate. Light colors and sharp lines make her look serious and stylish at the same time.

Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City): Of course, Carrie Bradshaw will forever be a fashion icon for girls everywhere. Her cool Manhattan style stood out when Sex and the City began, and her shoe obsession still inspires many today. For classic casual looks or over-the-top exciting dresses, Carrie is your girl.

Carrie Bradshaw (Carrie Diaries): Even the old school Carrie in Carrie Diaries kills it with her style. Although it is set in the 80’s, copying her wardrobe is a great way to add color and patterns into your daily outfits. By mixing elements of 80’s fashion and today’s fashion, Carrie perfects fun and flirty outfits that make her stand out. Be sure to add some cool shoes or big earrings and your inner-Carrie will show.

Pretty Little Liars: The girls of Pretty Little Liars always seem to look very put together, even in the middle of their horror story. Aria goes for more grunge and hipster, Spencer more professional and preppy, Hannah more hip and colorful, and Emily basic and dark. Although each “Liar” has their own personal style, watching their different tastes and blending them together will help you define what fits you best.

All these TV stars, and more, probably affect your personal style more than you know. Keep up with latest trends through them, and tips on how to spice up your outfits. And if you ever seen an outfit you want, check out wornontv.net, which posts matches of outfits from lots of TV shows!


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