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The Other Side of the Guy/Girl Equation

A few weeks ago my guy friend (who wishes to remain anonymous) came up to me out of the blue and told me he had a poem he had written for his creative writing class that he thought would be perfect for Her Campus.  He asked me to text him my e-mail address so that he could send me the poem and finally fulfill his dreams of being a published poet and show off some of his finest work!  I knew he meant business when I forgot to text him and later that night received an impatient message from him asking, once again, for my e-mail.  No sooner had I replied when my inbox dinged and I knew exactly what awaited me.  I immediately read the poem and was pretty impressed (suffice to say that I wouldn’t normally peg this particular guy friend as your regular old Keats or Eliot).  In fact, I wasn’t the only one who was struck by his work… apparently his professor was also and even asked to submit it to BC’s literary magazine (an offer which the author politely declined). 

My first reaction was along the lines of, “ugh, just another stereotypical portrayal of BC girls with their North Faces, UGGs, J.Crew sweaters, etc.”  But the more I thought about it, the more the poem intrigued me.  Sure, while it may put a few labels on girls and hint at some pretty prevalent stereotypes, what’s probably the most interesting (and most concealed) aspect of the poem is that it’s from a GUY’S point of view.  I know how often my mind is filled with “boy chatter,” and as much as guys say that girls are complicated (as this poem clearly indicates) boys are just as much of an unsolvable puzzle!  So, at the end of the day, I actually really like his poem.  In fact, I may just pin it up on my wall and refer to it any time I find myself trying to nitpick what may be going on inside the head of some guy I’m interested in.  It’s just a tad bit comforting to know that having a “brain like a zoo” isn’t just a girl thing.  I’m grateful that he was willing to share this with Her Campus, and even more grateful that now we have just a tiny bit of insight into what’s going on in the other side of the guy/girl relationship equation. – Emma Marr


Uggs with fur, Longchamp bags, pink iPhone cases,
Pearl earrings, Michael Kors watches, rosy-cheeked faces,
Burberry scarves, black Hunter boots, online shopping
Invited here, propositioned there, but strictly mod-hopping
Tory Burch slippers, Hillside lattes, yoga pants at the plex,
Hair let down, hair put up, please answer my texts,
Dress cut low, skirt hiked high, legs and butt for days,
Daddy’s credit card, Mommy’s confident stride, maybe it’s just a phase,
Diamond pendants, Gucci shades, calorie counting cuties,
Teasing at Whitehorse, flirting at Cityside, dancefloor makeout at Whosies,
She’s a material girl, “maybe it’s Maybeline,” “Because you’re worth it too,”
When you think about girls as much as I do, your brain is a zoo.

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