An Open Letter to People that Bring their Dogs to Campus

Dear Dog Walkers of Boston College,

I know this is moving a little fast but... I love you. And I don’t even really know you, but I love you more than I love a few of my family members combined. Because you bring me, a college student 3,000 miles away from her floof, the endless joy that a pupper brings.

Being a member of Dogspotting and having my mom send photos back home isn’t enough. There isn’t a substitute for the kind of glow that lights up people’s faces when they see a cute dog LIKE OMG FIVE FEET AWAY.

In the beginning of the school year, I was still unsure about Boston College. As I left O’Neill after one of the first ~real~ study sessions, I came across this majestic YELLOW LAB lounging at sunset.

At BC tailgates, Eagles show their pride. The most exciting tailgate I have ever attended featured YORKIE SIBLINGS ROCKING SOME BC GEAR. I have never been so excited to go to BC than to realize they actually sell dog sweaters (!!!). Doggo fashion is crucial as heck.

On my birthday, my roommate’s boyfriend brought his brand new puppy. Brand. New. Puppy. Everyone meet CISCO, THE COCKER SPANIEL PUPPY. She’s named after some Nantucket (?) thing, which I guess is a cool reference if you’re from New England. Anyways, best birthday present ever, nearly had a heart attack when this little ball of fur made an appearance in my dorm.

Some say she looks kinda scared… yeah, scared of how much she loves me. #MichaelScott

When racial tensions flared on campus, it was really hard to be a student here. Though I was really upset, this little floof helped lift my spirits. You know your campus is interesting when floofs give more borks to social issues than the school president, but then again it’s common knowledge that dogs are better than humans.

Fast forward and it’s Valentine’s Day. My boyfriend and I are in an LDR, so I didn’t get to see him that day. But you know who I did get to see? A CORGI. And the corgi was accompanied by his hoomans which included a TINY HUMAN. If you know me, you know how much I love corgis. Like… the booty is so perfect. Anyways, my love for this corgi was enough love to last me the day.

Last week, I had a computer science exam. I was exhausted and grouchy after staying up all night to study for it. But as I depart Fulton to make my trek back to Newton, I run into none other than BOBA THE FOUR-MONTH-OLD FRENCH BULLDOG. BOBA. THE NAME IS BOBA. 10/10 would let the little fren eat my fingers again.

This was originally a video so I made it into a gif for this article… #innovative

Seriously, dog owners, thanks for gracing us with the presence of your good boys and good girls. As you already know, dogs have this seemingly impossible, unconditional happiness that is always infectious. Seeing dogs on campus has been such a positive impact on my college experience—that sounds like so many levels of ridiculous, but it’s true. Giving the pets is such a mood lifter, especially during the hard times that all college students face. Keep sharing the love.


A friend of the fluffies  

Bonus tip, doggo loving Eagles: head to the Chestnut HIll Reservoir at around 5 p.m. You’re welcome.