The Obvious, Awkward, and Interesting: Questions You Get Asked Being a Twin

For the past 21 years, I have had the convenience of having a best friend that happens to look just like me; she is my identical twin sister.  Spending a lot of time with my twin, going to the same college, and looking exactly alike has been a lot of fun, but it has come with millions of twin questions.  If I got paid $1 for every time someone asked us if we were twins, I would probably be able to pay for all 4 years of my Boston College education, and probably my sister’s too.  Most of the time I answer the questions as politely as possible because I really do think it is awesome being a twin and I personally do not know what it is like to be an ‘only child.’  Here are some of the ridiculous, and completely obvious, questions my twin and I have been asked over the years:


-Are you two twins?

-Which one is older? (By the way, I am 45 minutes older)

-Are you two identical?

-Do twins run in your family?

-So do you guys have the same birthday?

-Do you have cute twin names? (My parents hopped on the twin wagon by naming us Meghan and Morgan)

-Have you ever switched classes? (Of course we have! Are you saying that if you had an identical twin you wouldn’t switch places?)

-Do you finish each other’s sentences? (Yes, way too often)

-Do you guys have twin telepathy? (I don’t know if it would be considered that, but we definitely can look at each other and sort of know what the other is thinking)


-Do your boyfriends ever mix you up? (If one of them did, they probably wouldn’t be our boyfriends for long)

-So are you guys like Mary-Kate and Ashley? (This is an understated question.  Morgan and I know every song and line from any movie or video MK&A have ever done.  We were practicing so when they retired we could take their place)

-Do you both dress alike? (When we were young we did, but now we are 21 so that would just be creepy)

-What would happen if you both married another set of identical twins and both of your babies looked alike? (Umm…)

-Are you both the same major? (Just because we go to the same school does not mean we share a brain)

Although we are asked these questions multiple times everyday, I would never change my twin status.  I always have a best friend, twice as many clothes, a birthday buddy, someone who knows how I am feeling without even having to ask, a partner to do a secret handshake with that is cooler than Hallie and Annie’s in The Parent Trap (which we know every line to), and a sidekick who I can perform twin tricks and pranks with.