A Night at MA’s

As a happy, recently turned 21 year old, I have finally had the pleasure of going to the wonderful, beautiful, sparkling clean establishment that is Mary Ann’s. Let me tell you, so far it has been an experience. Seriously what better way to describe a night at MA’s than with gifs?

First, you stand in line outside freezing to death against a brick wall, truly wondering if it’s worth the wait.


You and your girlfriends make a pack to only have a drink or two… Let’s be honest, that’s not happening.


You see those underclassmen getting in with their fake IDs. A reminder of the good old days.


The bouncer checks your ID and lets you in the wonderful world that is MA’s. (You can barely contain your excitement.)


There’s always already a group of girls that is going hardWhen did they get here, 8 o’clock?!


“I’ve got to catch up”, you tell yourself and before you know it, you are ordering Green Monsters, P. Chargers, $2 Narragansett’s, and are becoming the Queen of MA’s.


You see a sophomore crying to her friends for two hours because she originally didn’t get in… with her fake ID. Seriously?!


Your friend drunkenly puts a $20 bill into the jukebox… the machine takes the money, she never gets the change. (True story!)


Finally. It’s inevitable... you have no choice; you have to use the bathroom…


Despite the barely-made-for-one stall, you fix your makeup and suddenly feel back on top of the world.


If you’re there on a typical slower night, and there’s only one bartender… chances are you feel like this:


But you refuse to leave because that awesome throwback from middle school just came on.


You feel a tap on your shoulder and get the classic “can I buy a drink” line? You’re hoping he looks like this beautiful man…


Truthfully, he’s no Ryan Gosling, and your friends are completely judging you. But who cares?


It’s getting late, but you just can’t get yourself to leave.


Suddenly the lights in MA’s come on… is it already 2 A.M.?! Reality sets in.


Chances are you will feel like this tomorrow, but trust me a night at MA’s is always worth it.



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