New Christmas Movies on Netflix

Everyone loves a feel-good Christmas film during December but sometimes it’s hard to figure out which movies to watch because there are so many. If you’re tired of the same old classics, check out these new Christmas films that have just come to Netflix.


1. Let it Snow

Based on the John Green novel of the same name, Let It Snow follows three different storylines of teenagers in Indiana when a giant snowstorm hits their town. There’s romance, fights, and humor- what more could you want?


2. Holiday Rush

A heartfelt movie about a radio DJ who loses his job right before Christmas and has to make some cutbacks in his and his four children’s lives. There is romance and tender moments throughout, and it will remind you what the holidays are all about.


3. The Knight Before Christmas

Another Vanessa Hudgens Christmas film on Netflix, this movie finds a 14th century knight transported to 2019 a week before Christmas. In order to return back to his own time, he must complete his quest before midnight on Christmas Eve. Soon after he arrives, this knight meets Brooke, a high school science teacher who has lost her faith in love.What will happen?


4. A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby

Coming out December 5, A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby is the third movie in the Christmas Prince movies series and follows Queen Amber and King Richard as they prepare to welcome their first child, the heir to the throne of Aldovia. But the big problem comes when a sacred text is stolen and if it isn’t found by Christmas Eve, the first born child will be cursed.


5. Merry Happy Whatever

This isn’t technically a movie, but if you’re looking for a longer sillier comedy show for the holiday season, Merry Happy Whatever is the one for you. With actors such as Dennis Quaid, Bridget Mendler, and Ashley Tisdale this show has a great cast. It’s about a family coming together for the holiday season and, of course, hijinks ensue. 


There’s nothing cozier than curling up in front of the fire, drinking hot chocolate, and watching a good Christmas movie. So maybe check out one of these films for your cozy night in.