My Night at Boston’s College Fashion Week

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

This past weekend, Saturday, September 23rd, all of the most fashionable college students gathered together for a fabulous event celebrating fashion. HerCampus put on their annual College Fashion Week at Royale in downtown Boston. I was lucky enough to attend with my roommate and provide you the scoop on this fall’s most fashionable event. 

Upon arriving at the event, there was a long line of young women stretching down the entire block. To be quite honest, the most impressive fashion at the show was not the fashion worn by the models, but by the college students in attendance. I was positively inspired by the variety of outfits that these girls were wearing. Because the dress code was not specified prior to the event, girls were dressed in everything from cocktail dresses to jeans and a t-shirt. But no matter the level of formality, everyone expressed her own personal style, which was fascinating to see.  

Once we entered the venue, we were immediately given two bags full of goodies. They were filled with products provided by the sponsors of the event, including Bed Head dry shampoo and a mini straightener, a Student Universe mini traveling kit, a PopSugar box full of even more goodies, and a wide variety of different makeup products provided by Ulta. 

After receiving such wonderful goodies that will allow me to go five years without buying any more makeup, we ventured upstairs to where the fashion show would take place. But to my surprise, it was not set-up like most fashion shows. Instead, there were tables set up on the perimeter of the room for each sponsor to advertise their products. Each table also had a certain activity to attract people to their table. For example, Primark had a mini store set up, Ulta Beauty was providing free makeovers, Bed Head was sketching people, and Spindrift was providing beverages. My roommate and I got there a little early so we had time to venture around to each station and to participate. This was a great idea by the planners of the event because it kept us entertained during the downtime between shows. 

Around 7 o’clock, the first show began. Most of the clothes shown that night were carried by Primark or made by Avec Les Filles. The models debuted a line with the theme of “fierce florals” in an effort to bring floral patterns from summer into the fall. The clothes were beautiful, but personally, I feel as though florals belong in the summer and there is no need to bring them with us into fall. After this show, there was a break to explore the stations further. Then, the second show began. This line had a minimalist theme and some of the clothes were quite lovely, and frankly more practical than the last line had been. Again, there was a break. Next, a line inspired by “modern romance” emerged on the runway. These outfits were beautiful as well, and almost seemed to be a blend of the floral and minimalist lines. And finally, Primark unveiled their fall collection to end the show. These clothes were personally my favorites of the night. So much so that I went on the app Lust Have, which the MCs of the event had been advertising all night, and bought one of the dresses.

All in all, the event was a great night! It was something different to do on a Saturday night, and while it wasn’t completely what I had been expecting, I still had a great time! I would highly recommend attending!