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Munch Madness

Ever heard of the Boston Globe’s Munch Madness event? Neither had we, until now. Munch Madness was started five years ago by the Boston Globe as a fun competition for restaurants in the Boston area to participate in during the NCAA’s March Madness. Munch Madness is a bracketed tournament in which restaurants are paired up and people (you and anyone who goes online to vote) pick their favorite restaurants.

Unfortunately, the voting period is pretty short, and the final results go up on March 31st online, but we thought we would bring this fun event to your radar because what better eating suggestions for Collegiettes looking to dine in Boston than the winners of a Boston Globe sponsored restaurant battle. In previous years, there has been one clear favorite: “Hungry Mother” a restaurant in Kendall Square in Cambridge. The restaurant is relatively young, and the cuisine is inspired by the chef’s love of French cooking techniques, of Southern food of the Appalachian region, and of using local and seasonal ingredients.

Here are the final four contestants that you should all go check out!

Row 34

Cuisine: American, Seafood

Price: $15-30

Where is it? Congress Street, not too far from the World Trade Center.

Neptune Oyster

Cuisine: Seafood

Price: $15-$30

Where is it? Salem Street, the North End.


Cuisine: Portuguese, Spanish, Tapas/Small Plates

Price: $15-$30

Where is it? The South End

Eastern Standard

Cuisine: American, Seafood

Price: $15-30

Where is it? Fenway

Here are some other places that didn’t quite make the finals that we think you might like!

Sweet Cheeks Q

Cuisine: American, Barbeque

Price: $1-$14

Where is it? Fenway

Citizen Public House & Oyster Bar

Cuisine: American

Price: $15-$30

They even have a Pig Roast! What’s the catch? You need at least 10 people.

Where is it? Fenway

Go ahead and check out the Munch Madness Tournament and let us know what you think of any of the restaurants you try out! Keep an eye out for the winner!


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Briana is a junior at Boston College studying abroad in Parma, Italy. She studies English and Italian. She loves books, clothes, and country music. Add her on twitter @brigalita !!
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