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Moving Back on Campus for Senior Year, As Told By Friends

One of the most unique aspects of BC, apart from its emphasis on Jesuit education, is the fact that most seniors make the transition back on campus for their final year. It goes a little something like this:

Telling all of your friends from home you are moving back on campus for senior year always comes with confusion and the need for explanation.

Which is also the case when you walk into your dorm on move-in day and realize you completely forgot how little space you have.

And wish you had really consolidated your packing.

And then you remember that the Ignacio fire alarm goes off every 5 minutes.

With the start of classes, you begin to consider how close the library is, and you can no longer use distance as an excuse not to go.

And the gym.

But then you realize you no longer have to cook for yourself every night, as the dining hall is a quick 5-minute walk.

And having all of your closest friends living so close by definitely has its perks.

Having an awesome RA is definitely better than a landlord.

And you finally escaped your annoying neighbors.

And, best of all, you finally feel like you are a part of BC’s campus again.

Even though moving back on campus as a senior is definitely an adjustment, in the end, I couldn’t be more thankful it happened and I can put off being an adult for at least one more year.














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