Moving and Settling In: Freshman Versus Senior

From freshman to senior year at BC, we become new people. We learn more about the world, our major/field, our career goals, the people around us, and also more about who we are. By senior year, we have a greater grasp on ourselves and college in general. With this grasp, we also realize how much the dynamics of the first week of the school year have changed. Here's a look at the main differences of moving and settling in from freshman to senior year:

Freshman Year

  1. We prepare to move into BC all summer long, thinking of all the things we need and how much we need to plan.
  2. Once moved in, we spend the whole weekend setting up our rooms and getting ready for classes to start.
  3. We worry how it will be to live with people other than our own family members.
  4. We have every single book for all five classes before classes even start.
  5. We have so many extra, unnecessary items, like... five different cleaning products that all achieve the same thing, way more snacks than we'll ever need for the whole year combined, an abundance of room decorations that match our roommate's, the contents of our entire closets from home, a full drawer of school supplies.

Senior Year

  1. We don't start thinking about moving in until two days before move-in day.
  2. Our rooms are not set up and finished until halfway through first semester.
  3. We don't worry about living with our roommates because they practically are our family at this point.
  4. Books? What books? We'll just get those after add/drop ends.
  5. We realize once we're settled in that we left half of the things we need at home.