Movies with Strong Female Characters

This week for Women’s History Month, we are highlighting movies that star strong female characters who are an inspiration to us all.


1. Wonder Woman




In 2017, Wonder Woman was the first movie to be created on this historic female superhero. Gal Gadot portrayed Wonder Woman and has left millions of young girls in awe of what female superheroes can do. Women can save themselves and the men!



2.  Captain Marvel



Captain Marvel is the newest superhero to join the Avengers, and the first female to have her own stand alone movie in the Marvel comics. Brie Larson portrays this character. Interactions with her and young fans have been quite emotional.


3. Legally Blonde



Elle Woods beat the odds and proved to her ex-boyfriend that she could attend Harvard law and become a really great lawyer! Elle Woods shut down the dumb blonde stereotype.


4. The Blind Side



The Blind Side tells the real life story of NFL star Michael Oher and his relationship with Leigh Anne Tuohy who takes Michael in. Leigh Anne overcomes the obstacles that come along with taking in a boy from a troubled past. Sandra Bullock won an Oscar for her role.


5. Frozen



Elsa is the strong female queen that young girls and boys need to see. She does not need a man to save her, instead it is the love of her sister. “Let it Go” has also become a powerful anthem that is sure to define our generation.