Midterm Advice

Hey girlies!

I hope everyone is surviving this year’s midterm season. As we are in peak midterm season I thought that it would be a great idea to write about some tips and tricks I have learned over the years to do well!


  1. Take Good Notes


Good notes from the get-go are the perfect way to keep all of your information organized and clear to have later to study.


2. Keep a Clear Mind


Meditate, keep a clear and level head, do not overthink it.


3. Organize your Time


Begin studying with a good amount of time prior to the exam. This way you will not feel overwhelmed and a clear mind is better able to retain information.


4. Create a Study Plan


Create a study plan for each topic you need to study, organize each topic and figure out what you need to work on more.


5. Drink Plenty of Water


Hydrate your brain, this can positively affect your memory.


6. Organize your Study Space


A clean study spot allows for a clear head. It will help you to become more relaxed, more able to focus.


7. Exercise


Exercise allows you to decompress, clear your head and even releases endorphins which improves your mood. If exercise is not for you, even a little walk or fresh air can relieve some stress.


8. Find a Good Study Spot


A good study spot, quiet, where you can really sit down and focus. No distractions.


9. Brain Food

Making sure you bring a study snack along with you; it will help feed your brain for it to function to the best of its ability!


10. Sleep


Making sure you get a good night's sleep before the exam as well as prior to that. A well-rested mind will allow you to focus better and have the energy to retain more information.