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Meet XFIT Instructors Austin and Cody!

Everyone has heard of of the XFIT program at BC, but do you know exactly what XFIT is or who the awesome guys are that run it? Austin Brown and Cody Nadeau are the dynamic duo behind these intense workouts. They enjoy working out and try to bring that enthusiasm and their sense of humors to class.  Read on to find out more!


Hometown: Barrington, RI

Class: Senior, 2014

School: CSOM, Finance, Accounting, Math

About Yourself: I enjoy fishing (I have a spear fishing gun), doing things outdoors, like skiing. I promise I’m not a granola head. I also like relaxing with friends and playing video games. We get too stressed out and working out is a fun way to de-stress.

A Piece of Advice For “Youngsters”: Try to meet as many people as you can and try to get involved in different things as early as you can. Try to have as much fun as you can!


Hometown: Cranston, RI

Class: Junior, 2015

School: A&S, Math and Economics

About Yourself: I’m not really into fishing. I like the outdoors and I’m a huge fan of granola. I just had some yesterday.

A Piece of Advice: Try Cross Fit NOW!

How did you become XFIT instructors?

Austin –  I started working at the Plex freshman year, specifically December 2010. I was always working out with trainers in high school and that got me very interested. Sophomore year there was an opening to teach XFIT with Justin, and it started then. Justin left to open Reebok XFIT Backbay and I’ve taken over XFIT at BC since then. 

Cody – How did Austin answer? Same.

What is XFIT?

Austin –XFIT is a type of working out where you do a variety of different exercises, including cardio, strength training and multipurpose, and the object is to work out for a certain period of time, to do as many reps as possible, or to be able to do an amount of reps as much as possible and score yourself and improve upon that. XFIT gyms work on constant improvement and a team atmosphere. 

Cody –  I’ll leave this to Austin.

What is your favorite part about XFIT?

Austin – Helping to motivate people, meeting different people, and being able to share why I like working out with other people.

Cody – Burpees.

How do you come up with the workouts?

Austin –  We combine the things that XFIT has put out as well as things I’ve created, structured around individual, partner, and group work adapted to the resources we have.

Cody –  Look at the XFIT website and draw the rest from our infinite knowledge and wisdom.

What is your motto for working out?

Austin – “The best days are the chest days.” Have fun. Working out is not a chore. Enjoy yourself. 

Cody – “Leg days are the best days.”

Many people are intimidated by XFIT. What do you say to them?

Austin –  Most of the stuff you do in XFIT you can make easier by modifying it. The hardest part is getting here. It’s always at your own pace.

Cody – XFIT is how hard you push yourself. You can adjust. Come out and try!

How much can you bench?

Austin – 355 lbs.

Cody – 325 lbs. Add my squats in there! 475 lbs!

Interested in XFIT? Classes are offered every Tuesday and Thursday at 6pm! Come and try it out! We swear by it! 


Briana is a junior at Boston College studying abroad in Parma, Italy. She studies English and Italian. She loves books, clothes, and country music. Add her on twitter @brigalita !!
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