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Meet the Twins of 122: Cat Kriendler & Caroline Tino!

Meet the “twins of 122”,best friends, and campus cuties Cat Kriendler & Caroline Tino!


Cat: Born in Miami Beach, FL but grew up in Brazil for most of my life.

Caroline: You thought Brazil was exciting? Well I’m from Morristown, NJ. Dirty Jerz, represent!


Cat: A&S ‘17

Caroline: Lynch School’17


Cat: Political Science Major, International Studies Minor

Caroline: Elementary Education & Applied Psychology Double Major


Cat: President of the Brazilian Club, International Assistant Coordinator, Her Campus Pub Team, Participated in Appa for the past two years, general member of Random Acts of Kindness, and part of the Be Conscious Team this past semester.

Caroline: In the Lynch Senate, in the Big Sister program, participated in Appa for past two years, part the Golden Key society, and Her Campus Pub Team.

Best Class/Worst Class:


Best: How to Read & Write about Africa with Prof. Regine Jean-Charles. Not necessarily because of the class in itself but because of Prof. Jean-Charles.  She is an incredible woman with the most amazing fashion sense.  

Worst: Astronomy, I hated that class.


Best: Family, School, and Society and Interpersonal Relationships.

Worst: Rivers & the Environment, it’s not as easy as you’d think. I didn’t enjoy spending an entire semester on reservoirs and salmon procreation.


Cat: I am single, and currently taking applications. Prerequisites are: being taller than me (which is not that hard considering I’m 5’3) and being handsome, of course.

Caroline: Also single; feel free to drop resumes and headshots by my door.

Favorite Study Spot:

Cat: O’Neill first floor has been my go to since freshman year

Caroline: I was a Bapst girl freshman year because I always get lost in O’Neill, but thankfully my twin has showed me how to get to the first floor, and that has been my favorite study spot since.

Biggest Pet Peeve:

Cat: Slow walkers, they’re so annoying.

Caroline: I would also say slow walkers, and sometimes when they are really slow, I purposely flat tire them.

Most Embarrassing Moment:

Cat: This one time, I texted a guy gibberish thirteen times in a row. I won’t go into more details…because I’m still mortified!

Caroline: This one time, I was dancing on a table at a Walsh party, and I somersaulted off, into a crowd of people, spilled all of their drinks, and split my hip open. I still have the scar to prove it.

Fun Fact:

Cat: We have a Wall of Shame with embarrassing things we’ve done, and bucket list items. If you do any of the things listed on there, you have to initial it so everyone knows what you’re guilty of. Oh, and we put really ugly pictures on there too.

Caroline: Yeah, we take the Wall of Shame very seriously. If you’ve ever been to our common room and seen it, you probably know a lot more about us than you should.

How we became friends:

So you know that really lame freshman tailgate they had to keep freshmen away from Shea Field on the first game? Yeah, we went to that together and found our mutual love for selfies as we were walking down the Million Dollar Stairs complaining about how bad the freshman tailgate was. Since then, we’ve been best friends.

Theme Song: Timber by Ke$ha and Pitbull. You can still find us dancing to this together on any given weekend, no shame.

Favorite Vacation:

Cat: Mikonos and Santorini, Greece.

Caroline: Atlantis in the Bahamas. That’s where I swam with Dolphins as you can see in my old profile picture.  Shameless Plug: Like my pic.

Celeb Crushes:

Cat: Zac Efron, Chase Crawford (ultimate bae), Jessie Metcalfe, Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds, Orlando Bloom, Nick Jonas, I could keep going forever but I’ll stop there.

Caroline: Orlando Bloom, Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas, Ed Westwick, Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds, Leonardo DiCaprio, just to name a few.

Dream Job:

Cat: Secretary General of the UN

Caroline: I’ve wanted to be a teacher my entire life, and getting a job in the Boston Public School System is a dream.

Favorite BC Sport:

Cat: I’m not sure if tailgating and skipping the football game counts as a sport, so if it doesn’t, BC hockey is definitely my number one.

Caroline: Oh tailgating is definitely considered a sport and it’s my favorite by far.

Favorite Hangout Spot On Campus:

Cat: Clearly, a sweaty mod on a Friday or Saturday night.

Caroline: Walsh is a close second.

Best Night Out:

Cat: We somehow made it into White Horse with the Her Campus seniors the Thursday after Spring Break; it was the greatest night ever.

Caroline: Agreed, still on a high from that night.

Dream Date:

Cat: I like long walks on the beach.

Caroline: Sharing a pitcher (or more) of Sangria at Barcelona, I just love that place.

Most Embarrassing Date:

Cat: Before a lunch date, I slipped in the middle of Lower and my coffee fell all over me. I was drenched in coffee, had coffee all over my hair, and had to go to my 9am class like that. I had to rush back and shower before the lunch to make it there in time. Pretty sure I was still late.

Caroline: I scratched my cornea before the night of my first date with this guy and my eye was super swollen. It like literally looked like a golf ball, and I was forced to wear glasses for the next week!

Advice to Freshmen:  

Cat: First of all, advice for Marathon Monday: Don’t nap. Rally always!  On a more serious note, sophomore year goes by even faster than freshman year. Be sure to stay on top of your schoolwork, but also take time to do things you enjoy and spend time with the people you love. I’m coming to realize that our four years here go by so much faster than I had ever imagined.

Caroline: Also for Marathon Monday, remember: it’s not a sprint; it’s a marathon (as I’ve forgotten these past two years). But in all seriousness, enjoy every moment you have at this school, because it goes by too fast. 

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