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Meet Talented Taylor MacLeod!

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but Taylor MacLeod seems to have it all.  In his first year at Boston College, he’s already declared a double major (medicine AND music), joined an a cappella group, performed in a musical, and participated in other on-campus organizations.  As if that weren’t enough, this well-rounded cutie has a shining personality to match. And if you can believe it, he actually prefers Mac to Lower.
The Basics
Name: Taylor MacLeod
Hometown: I’m from Norfolk, MA.  It’s like five minutes from where the Patriots play.  I can hear concerts from my backyard.
School/Year: A&S 2015
Majors: Biology and Music double major (Pre-med concentration)
BC Life?
Activities/Clubs: I was involved in GLC, I’m involved in the Acoustics, I was just in Spring Awakening (so the theatre department), and I’m involved in Elections Committee.
Best Class: Last semester, I took Molecules and Cells with Professor Taghian, and she’s absolutely amazing.  I already feel like she’s my mentor.  Even though I don’t have her anymore, I still see her weekly.  She’s always willing to help students, even if they’re not her current students—I love the class!
Worst Class: The class I’m in now, Ecology and Evolution.  The teacher is not the best (I won’t say a name). It’s not the most interesting topic.  I don’t care about plants—no offense.  I care about the environment, but not plants.
Bapst or O’Neill: O’Neill.  Fifth floor O’Neill.  I always go to the study rooms.  Bapst is too pretty for me.
Favorite Place to Eat: I’m a big fan of Mac.  I just really like it!  Lower’s okay, but it doesn’t have the stuff I like to eat.  I’m lactose intolerant, and a lot of the stuff they have in Lower has cheese in it (almost all of the hot foods have cheese).
Favorite BC Sport: Football.  My mom went to BC, so I kinda grew up going to all the BC football games.  Even though we didn’t do so hot this year, I still love going to the games.  It’s like a childhood thing.
Where can we find you on a typical day on campus?  This is going to sound nerdy, but the library.  I’m in the library a LOT.  Because of my classes and my activities, I don’t have a lot of extra time.  I gotta stay focused on my work, so you’ll find me in O’Neill, or laying outside on Upper doing work.

Movie:  Well, I just saw The Hunger Games last night, so that’s on the top of my list.  Other than that, I think Independence Day.
Food:  I really like Pop tarts.  It’s very addictive!  That’s more like a snack food.  In terms of substantial food, I really like salmon.  Growing up, I have a house on the Cape, so all summer we just eat seafood.
TV Show:  “Survivor.”  I’ve watched every single season.  Ever since I’ve watched it, I’ve wanted to audition for it.  I’m auditioning for it in the fall!
Actress:  Sutton Foster.  She’s fabulous, the “triple threat.”
Actor:  Leonardo DiCaprio.  He’s like the go-to guy.
Broadway Musical:  Next to Normal.  I just saw it on Sunday!
Fun Facts:
Nicknames: People call me “Tay Bay Bay.”  They also call me “Tay,” nothing too crazy.
If you could be any cartoon character, who would it be?  I really like Tommy from the Rugrats.  He was such a smart kid!
Most Embarrassing Moment:  So I’m a twin (she doesn’t go here).  We used to work together at this summer camp.  The way the camp was set up, there was a hill.  At the bottom of the hill was the tent where everyone stayed, and we were counselors there.  So my sister was at the bottom of the hill and everyone was out in the field.  My sister and I are rough with each other—we wrestle, we fight—so I decided I was going to run down and tackle her.  I run to the bottom of the hill and tackle her, and everyone’s faces are kind of like…oh my God, I can’t believe he just did that.  I was like, what?  I do this sort of thing all the time!  I get up…it’s not my sister.  I tackled this random girl.  Good thing I didn’t tackle her really hard!  Everyone in the camp was just looking at me.  This was freshman year of high school.  It’s still my most embarrassing moment to this day.
Special Talents: Besides singing, apparently—my doctor told me this—I’m one of 3% of people who can stick my tongue to my tongue.  (He demonstrates.)
Dream Job:  I want to be an oncologist.  I plan on going to med school, but I can still do research.  I want to do cancer treatment and research.
What are you looking forward to most for the rest of the semester?  The downtime.  I’m really excited to catch up with my friends and enjoy the beautiful weather.  I only get to be with the seniors in the Acoustics for a couple more months, and I’ve already gotten so close to them.
Any fun plans for the summer?  I’m getting my EMT certificate!
Love Life:
Dating Status:  I’m in relationship.  He lives in St. Louis—it’s a long distance relationship.  We didn’t start dating until February, though we’ve known each other for five years.
What do you look for in a relationship? I haven’t been in a relationship since freshman year of high school, because I’m very picky.  The main thing is they need to be a friend before they can be a significant other.  If I’m with them, I want to be able to go outside and shoot hoops, hang out, laugh, but also have that connection.  I think communication is really important.  I see so many relationships where people will hide what they’re feeling because they don’t want to get into an altercation, but that just makes everything so much worse.
Ideal date: I like really cliché things, so preferably roses and like, a suit or something!  That’s the dream, the movie sort of thing.  But I don’t know, just like going mini-golfing or star-gazing, having a picnic.  I’m not into the whole big fancy dinner thing—very simple, very cliché.
Any Deal Breakers?  Someone who doesn’t respect my morals.  I was raised Catholic, so I have specific morals about certain things.  Someone who in any sense would try to push me to do something I’m not comfortable with is inconsiderate.  And then I really don’t like cockiness.  There’s a difference between confidence and cockiness.
Deal Maker? A good smile, good eyes.  A fun personality, someone who gets along with my friends.  My best friend and I have this thing where (mostly with her, because I haven’t been on the scene), whenever she gets a new boyfriend, I always grill him.  I like to see if my friends will get along with the person or not!


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