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Meet Senior Cutie, Megan Johnson!

Meet Megan Johnson, a senior Comm major from Eastchester, New York! In addition to being an amazing person and friend, Megan is also a singer-songwriter, a social media superstar, and a serious hockey Superfan! Yes, I may be biased because I’m lucky enough to live with this wonderfully weird individual, but keep reading to get to know more about this week’s cutie! (Who, by the way, is also hilarious. It’s not just her boyfriend who laughs at her nerdy jokes!) One day, if you’re lucky enough, maybe you’ll get to hear her sing Celine Dion in the car, on top of our common room table, in the shower, in a variety of very public places…

The Basics

Name:  Megan “Her?” Johnson

Hometown:  Eastchester (IN Westchester), NY

School/Year:  A&S ‘14

Major:  Communication


BC Life

Activities/Clubs: Cura is my life. (JOIN CURA!)

Best class: Comm, Stress & Coping with Prof. Rossetto. Learning coping skills for stress and getting credit for it – awesome.

Worst class:  History core. Dear God.

Bapst or O’Neill:  O’Neill for life

Favorite place to eat: Addie’s or Eagles’ Nest… you can’t keep me away from the Turkey & Brie.

BC bucket list: Road trip to the Frozen Four

Favorite BC sport to watch: Hockey! I almost cried when we won on Jerry York Night.

Favorite hangout spot: Upstairs of Lower

One thing most excited about for senior year: Destroying BU in the Beanpot as per usual


Love Life

Single or taken: Taken by a Mr. Brian Jost, who’s probably playing Call of Duty as we speak!

How did you meet: We were in a band together in high school and he was my last resort for senior prom, which actually turned out to rock. Long story short, we became best friends, started finishing each other’s sentences and soon became the only people who’d laugh at each other’s worst jokes. Ergo, we’re dating.

Ideal date: Mac and cheese, a glass of Riesling, and a sunset over the water.

Deal breakers: If you truly believe you’re better than other people



Favorite family vacation: Quechee, VT at any point in the summer

Favorite movie: The Avengers, Bridesmaids (try and outreference me), Say Anything.

Favorite TV show: Parks and Rec, New Girl

Favorite band/singer: Maria Mena, Norwegian singer-songwriter

Favorite song right now: “The Monster” – Eminem ft. Rihanna

Favorite Celine Dion song right now: Who am I kidding, it’s always “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now.”

Favorite guilty pleasure: One Direction as my shower soundtrack

Favorite Halloween costume: Catwoman


More About Megan

Biggest pet peeve: Interruptions – I have such a bad memory and usually forget what I’m saying. 

Most embarrassing moment: The Pep Band started playing “What Makes You Beautiful” at a hockey game last year and I danced with so much enthusiasm that I punched the girl in front of me.

Fun fact: I talked to Conan O’Brien for 15 minutes and he laughed at my jokes. He later proposed to me (maybe a lie, maybe not).

Celeb crush: Conan O’Brien, Paul Rudd

Dream job: If I could live-tweet TV shows and get paid? That’d be nice…


Advice to freshmen: There are a lot of beautiful people here who want to help you out. Let them. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help; it is worth every ounce of how hard it is.

If your room were a sitcom, what would happen in that sitcom? Lots of drinking wine, twerking as well as other uncomfortable dances, Celine Dion karaoke, ordering from Foodler, casually sitting around in towels, and no boundaries at all.

What’s your what-would-i-say.com? “happy 20th birthday to my toe…”

Quote you live by: “You will never be 100% ready to change. Don’t wait for the ‘perfect’ time. It will never come. Start today.”



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