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Meet Rodaan Peralta-Rabang, A&S ’13!

Rodaan, a sophomore in A&S, is a Biochemistry and Psychology double major from Vancouver, Canada.  When he’s not busy in the lab or doing homework, he can be found playing sports, editing videos, or DJ-ing!

Hometown:  Vancouver, Canada (GO CANADA!)
Year:  2013
Major:  Biochemistry and Psychology
Nickname:  I’ve had numerous… including Rody, Rods, Rodney, Rodent, Rod, Ro… The list goes on.
DJ Name:  I think my last name is cool enough, DJ RaBang.
Interests:  Basketball, tennis, DJ-ing, guitar, music in general, weightlifting, snowboarding, movies, and video editing
Activities on Campus:  Co-President and Co-Founder of Electronic State of Mind; Associate Video Editor of Gavel Media; intramural basketball, tennis, football, and wiffleball; Popular Styles Ensemble
Favorite Movie:  Oh.  I have many:  Apocalypse Now, Fight Club, Gladiator, Black Swan, and The Lord of the Rings Trilogy top my list.
Favorite TV Show:  I don’t really watch television a lot but I try to watch South Park when I can.
Favorite Music Artist:  I go through phases but BT and Chicane are my favorites right now.
Favorite Holiday:  Christmas.  Love being with the family.
Favorite Drink:  Milk.  Healthy with calcium and protein!
Favorite Food:  Japanese
Favorite Color:  Blue
Favorite Ice Cream:  Strawberry
Celebrity Crush:  Scarlett Johansson
Celebrity Idol:  John Mayer and BT, they are amazing musicians and artists.
Boston Favorites:
Favorite thing about Boston:  It’s the history.  It’s kinda cool to know that you’re in one of the oldest cities in the US, and that many things used today were made in Boston.
Favorite thing about BC:  The people.  The people you meet here at BC make going to school all the more enjoyable.
Favorite Place to Eat in Boston:  Mentei.  Great authentic Japanese food at a cheap price.
Favorite Place to Eat at BC:  Hillside.  The burgers and paninis are the best.

What is Electronic State of Mind?
Electronic State of Mind is the DJ and music production club here at BC.
How and why did you become involved in DJ-ing?
I became involved because I had several friends back in Vancouver who were all about DJ-ing.  I had always loved electronic music and was sad that it didn’t get the respect it deserves, seeing as much of the popular music today gets its influence from electronic music.  The club was formed when my friend here at BC and I saw how little appreciation and education there was for electronic music.  We also noticed that there were a number of DJs on campus who weren’t getting noticed for their talents.  We also saw it as an outlet for our passions.
What do you like about being a DJ?
I wouldn’t necessarily say that I’m a DJ.  I’m more of an aspiring artist.  There are people in the school who are far greater DJs than I am.  I’m just here to learn and get better I guess.  But to answer the question, I love the music and the intimacy one has when they are controlling the music.
What advice could you give to girls about guys?
Just be yourself and be honest.  I hate it when girls aren’t who they say they are.  Relationships end up failing when people don’t just say what they want to say.  Keeping it from a person and lying just ends up hurting the person more.
To see some of the members of ESM perform, go to RHA and ESM Present: Winter Wonder Jam: Battle of the DJs!  It’s at 8 pm this Friday!

Danica is a senior at Boston College and is a History major with an Irish Studies minor.  She is originally from Greenwich, CT and moved to East Boothbay, ME.  She is also a member of Boston College Irish Dance and the Shaw Leadership Program.  And last but not least is a fiery redhead who lives in a dragon-guarded castle surrounded by a boiling lake of lava! But don't let that cool you off. She's a loaded pistol who likes piña coladas and getting caught in the rain. Yours for the rescuing: Princess Danica!  (And yes, that is a quote from Shrek...)
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