Meet Relay for Life Event Chair Claire Ritten!

Relay for Life is an annual event at Boston College, and it is the largest non-athletic event that happens on campus! Get to know one of the event chairs and learn more about this amazing event.

Get to Know Claire!

Claire is the girl in the blue shirt!

Relay for Life Position: Event Chair

Major: Secondary Education and Math

Year: 2016

Get to Know Relay for Life!

What exactly is Relay For Life? Relay For Life is an overnight fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. It is an overnight event because it symbolizes a cancer patient's journey: the setting sun is their cancer diagnosis and the rising sun is the hope for a cancer free future. The money raised at Relay For Life goes to REAPS- Research, Education, Advocacy, and Patient Services. At the BC event we have dance groups perform, a cappella groups sing, fun games going on, and much more fun running throughout the whole night!

How did you get involved with Relay For Life at BC? I had heard of Relay in high school but unfortunately was never able to do it then. I always wanted to, because like so many people, cancer has affected my life. When I got to BC and saw Relay at the Student Activities Fair, I figured it was the perfect time to sign up! 

Upcoming fundraisers? Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month we are painting the campus pink this Friday, October 16th in partnership with HCBC. We also want to have a bake sale to raise money and also have tabling with educational information about breast cancer. With Halloween coming up as well, we are planning on doing some type of "trick or treat" candy purchasing. Also, throughout the year we have a fundraiser where you can sign up to send your friend, boyfriend, professor, whomever, cupcakes for his or her birthday or any other holiday! We will deliver right to them!

How can other people get involved? We have a committee that is already set for this year, but we also have a list of general members we frequently call on for help that anyone can join! Email us at [email protected] and we can put you on that list! But the BEST way to get involved is by simply going to the event!! Our theme this year is Cirque du Relay: Carnival for a Cure, so it is sure to be fun! You can sign up at TODAY!!

What's your favorite part of the event? I love the survivor lap at the beginning. It is so powerful to see people who have beat cancer walking together and celebrating that they have beaten this terrible disease. It sets a great tone for the night and helps remind me why I wanted to join Relay in the first place. 

What are some of Relay for Life of BC's goals for this year? This year, we are hoping to have 1800 participants (about 20% of the undergrad population at BC) and we want to raise $180,000. We have consistently been in the top college Relays in New England and in the country, so this year we want to be bigger than ever! 

Accomplishment this year: We started off the year by winning the September Challenge between other Massachusetts schools! We crushed the competition by getting the highest percentage of participants from last year AND the most participants overall. For comparison, Northeastern came in 7th and had 100 less participants and BU came in last place. HUGE thank you to everyone who signed up in September!

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