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Meet Nick Foster, A&S ’11!

Nick is a senior in Arts & Sciences with a love for music, theatre and everyone’s favorite serial killer, Dexter.  In January, he directed the Boston College Theatre Department’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, which sold out in record time and garnered rave reviews.

The Basics
Hometown:  Westchester, New York
Major, Minor:  Theatre and Psychology
Interests:  Guitar, golf, Netflix, football.  The big four, as they say.
Activities on campus:  President of the University Chorale; Senior board member of After Hours Theatre; member of National Residence Hall Honorary; sound engineer, technician, and stage manager for the Theatre Department.

Favorite TV show:  Aside from the obvious Arrested Development and pre- Season 6 Scrubs, definitely Dexter
Favorite word:  Sesquipedalian.
Favorite food:  IHOP pancakes. 
Team Cake or Team Pie?  I mean, people have given me birthday pies before, so…

Favorite place on campus:  You mean other than the giant, gaping crevice in the middle of campus?  I’d have to go with Bapst Lawn.
Favorite spot to eat at BC:  Hillside is always close to my stomach, but I’ve rekindled my Eagle’s Nest flame this year. 
Favorite place in Boston:  Boston Common.  Lots of cool things to do there, like reaffirm why I go to Boston College. 
Best Boston memory:  St. Patrick’s Day in Southie.  No question.  Best day ever. 

Tell us about Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde!  What did you learn from directing your first play? 
I directed this show for the Theatre Department in January, which was a modern playwright’s adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic.  I had an absolutely phenomenal design team, cast, and crew, so the experience was a thrill and an honor.  The entire process was a challenge.  I’d never directed before, so being in a position where literally if I messed up, everything would suck, was a little daunting.  But as it turns out, the show sold out and had positive feedback.  So that rocked.

What first attracted you to theatre?  When did you start acting?
What first attracted me was the acting and singing.  I was in a musical in fifth grade called “The Electric Sunshine Man,” and I was Thomas Edison.  Yep.  Since then, I’ve been in around 20 shows, including a couple here at BC.  Predominantly though, I’ve done technical theatre work – sound designing, stage-managing and most recently, directing.

And you sing too!  What has been your favorite experience with Chorale?
I can’t really isolate one experience with the Chorale – it’s been a fantastic whirlwind of music, concerts, friends, and foreign countries for almost four years now.  Since I have to though, I’d say our performance of Mozart’s Requiem this past fall.  The Requiem is really fantastic, and the Chorale did an incredible job with it.

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