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Meet Ian Thomas Malone, RYT

Meet Ian Thomas Malone, writer extraordinaire and yoga master.  When he’s not sitting in the Plex hot tub, sipping on Dunkin’ Donuts dark roast coffee, he’s writing his next novel.  Ian Thomas Malone enjoys sleeping on the beach and snuggling with his dog Jorge (Georgia). 

The Basics

Name:  Ian Thomas Malone

Hometown:  Greenwich, Connecticut

School/Year:  Senior/ A&S

Major:  English


BC Life

Activities/Clubs:  The Rock at Boston College (founder), Boston College Men’s Water Polo, Group Fitness Yoga Instructor   

Best class:  Narrative Interpretation with Professor O’Har

Worst class:  General Biology (any science or math class)

Favorite place to eat:  Lower because of the lentils

Biggest Pet Peeve:  Food pictures on Facebook

Little Known Fact:  He’s written two books, and is working on a third


This or That

Hillside or Eagle’s Nest:  Jim’s Deli

MAs or Cityside:  Moogie’s

Roggies or Pinos:  Bluestone

Mods or Shea Field for tailgating:  Co-Ro

Bapst or O’Neill:  Stokes Lawn


Fun Facts

Best thing so far about senior year:  Spending time in the hot tub and writing poems about it. 

Favorite movie:  He’s Just Not That Into You

Favorite TV show:  Parks and Recreation with Portlandia as a close second

Celeb crush:  Morrissey 

Top place you want to visit:  Dagobah to hang with my boy Yoda

Favorite song right now:  “1-877-Kars for Kids”

Most embarrassing moment:  Freshman year when I was on the phone with my mother wishing her a Happy Birthday, a girl whose birthday it also was stopped to thank me.  It was awkward, I have not spoken to her since.

Guilty pleasure:  Onesies, teenage dramas, Lululemon headbands, chick flicks, and outdoor naps

Describe your life in one song:  “Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now” by The Smiths

Dream job:  Earl of Downton (with Bates as my valet) or Stay at Home Husband with my children Aldous, Gandolf, and Pomegranate (gender ambiguous)

Advice for underclassmen:  Join The Rock                           

Literary influences:  Huxley, Fitzgerald, Vonnegut, and Joyce


Love Life

Single/Taken:  Second semester senior 

Deal breaker:  Girls who don’t read, girls who chew with their mouths open, girls who make mountains out of molehills, and girls who can’t hold their alcohol

Deal maker:  Knowledge of the Smiths, knowledge of yoga, connoisseur of fine wines, and a girl who appreciates a good Clint Eastwood western

Ideal date:  Dinner at a place with good lighting and cheap beer, followed by a Broadway show preferably a musical or a drama with some substance, and then returning to drink fine wine, preferably a 1997 Pinot Noir, and listen to Kat Stevens Tea for the Tillerman.

Least ideal date:  Funeral

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