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Meet the Girls in Gold: Dance Team Seniors

This article is the first installment in an ongoing series about the Boston College Golden Eagles Dance Team (BCGEDT). Find the other articles here

If you’ve been to a home football game, or attended a dance showcase during Arts Fest, you’ve seen the girls of the Boston College Golden Eagles Dance Team. Although they’ve worn red sequined tops and black jazz pants in seasons past, and one-shoulder shifts with black, silver, red, and gold sequins as recently as the Clemson game, they have one iconic outfit: white boots, gold dress. As part of the Screaming Eagles Marching Band, these ladies go past the stands, the sidelines, and the endzones in order to showcase their talents on the entire football field during Halftime. Keep reading to meet the senior girls on the team!

Left to right, back: Tara Wengronowitz, Allyson LaConte, Meaghan Finn

Left to right, front: Casey Eastlack, Kristen Ambrose, Brittany Hazelton


Allyson LaConte

Favorite Band Moment: “I loved performing in the Inaugural Parade, and especially getting to make eye contact with President Obama!” (Video can be found here.)

Hometown: Swampscott, MA

School/Major: Elementary Education & Applied Psychology

Best class: Social Issues and Social Policy with Professor Abo-Zena

Upper or Newton: Upper

Single/Taken: Single

Ideal date: Anything involving Italian food and pretty lights. Or ziplining!

Most embarrassing moment: Tumbling down the Million Dollar Stairs until the boy walking in front of me broke my fall

Advice to freshmen: Make friends who bring out the best in you and spend every chance you can get with them! Don’t worry about fulfilling any ideal college experience; everything happens for a reason, so appreciate this chance to learn about yourself.


Brittany Hazelton

Favorite Band Moment: “It’s the greatest feeling to hang out with the football players during Band Camp each year and knowing that they support us too!”

Hometown: East Greenwich, RI

School/Major: Biology

Best class: The Arts of Buddhism

Upper or Newton: Newton

Single/Taken: Taken

Ideal date: Any random adventure

Favorite spot on campus: Benches near the Million Dollar Stairs

Advice to freshmen: I was worried about how my BC experience would turn out, but I’ve found that it’s what you make of it, so do as much as you want to!


Casey Eastlack

Favorite Band Moment: “I loved helping out Brad Bates in his Ice Bucket Challenge video!”

Hometown: Walpole, MA

School/Major: Psychology

Best class: Literature & Society with Kaplan-Maxfield

Worst class: General Chemistry

Single/Taken: Taken

Ideal date: Pizza and a walk along the beach at sunset.

Celeb crush: Ryan Gosling

Favorite spot on campus: Hillside


Kristen Ambrose

Favorite Band Moment: “I loved performing ‘Shipping Up to Boston’ with the Dropkick Murphys at the end of one of their crazy concerts! I will never forget the bright lights and cheering fans. It combined my love for Boston College with my love for Boston in one amazing performance!”

Hometown: South Glastonbury, CT

School/Major: Nursing

Activities/Clubs: I’m a seminar leader for the Freshmen Nursing Seminar program, a costume designer for a fall show in the Theater department, and nanny for toddler twins!

Best class: Victimology with Professor Burgess

Deal breakers: If you can’t take a joke…

Ideal date: Feed me and I will love you!

Favorite spot on campus: Stokes Hall bridge in the sun!

Fun fact: I’m one of the Section Leaders of the Golden Eagles!


Meaghan Finn

Favorite Band Moment: “My favorite Band memory is the 2013 Inaugural Parade. It was really cool to dance while walking so close to the President. And being on national television wasn’t so bad either!” (Video can be found here.)

Hometown: Woburn, MA

School/Major: Nursing

Best class: Victimology

Upper or Newton: Upper

Single/Taken: Single 

Deal breakers: BU fans.

Ideal date: Take me to any sporting event and I’ll be happy 

Celeb crush: Patrick Dempsey 

Favorite spot on campus: Linden Lane 


Tara Wengronowitz

Favorite Band Moment: “Being a part of the ESPN College Gameday video with Macklemore. It was so exciting being on the set of a real video shoot with all my friends!”

Hometown: Plymouth, MN

School/Major: English and Communication

Activities/Clubs: Big Sisters of Boston. My Little Sister Daija and I get together every Saturday that there isn’t a football game.

Best class: Gender Roles and the Media

Ideal date: Noodle Bar in Mac

Funny date stories: We went to Tasca’s and he ordered one tapa for us to share. And that was all we ate. When I came home I had to order food I was so hungry.

Biggest pet peeve: People who think they are Harry Potter fans because they’ve seen the movies.

Celeb crush: Harry Potter. Not Daniel Radcliffe. Just Harry Potter.


There are two more home football games this year: BC vs. Louisville on Saturday, November 8th, and BC vs. Syracuse on Saturday, November 29th. Don’t miss these opportunities to see the BCGEDT seniors finish their last season on the turf!

Meaghan Leahy is a 21-year-old native New Yorker and senior at Boston College, whose hips only sometimes lie. When she's not wishing she were as honest as Shakira, she can be found running, Band-ing, or public speaking; in addition to writing for HC BC, she is a member of the Screaming Eagles Marching Band, Word of Mouth, and loves a good lap (or two, or five) around the Res. Meg is passionate about running and fitness, is a trained lifeguard, and works at the campus gym Equipment Desk. A highlight of her Boston College career thus far was being a TA for Intro to Feminisms. She has interned at both Anthropologie and the Supreme Court in Brooklyn, New York, so even though she is pursuing a Communication and English double major with a Women's and Gender studies minor, she is still trying to map it all out. She really, really hopes to graduate with a real job and everything. Please hire her, despite her severe Diet Coke addiction. Her redeeming skills and qualifications can be found on her LinkedIn account.
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