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Meet the Easy Going Football Superfan, Matt C. Nacier!

As soon as Matt Nacier says hello and flashes that infectious smile, you instantly know that you can be yourself around him.  Matt’s laid back personality makes it easy to talk to him about everything from his greatest passions to his least favorite dish at Lower to his celebrity crush (hint hint…she’s pretty powerful in the White House).  We could all learn a lesson or two from Matt, a sophomore at B.C., who adheres to the philosophy that you should live simply and always be yourself. What’s not to love about this ultimate BC Superfan who can also play the viola?  Matt comes across as cool, calm, and collected. He’s an avid volunteer, played football at BC, and isn’t afraid to admit that one of his all-time favorite movies is a childhood classic.  Not convinced that this week’s campus cutie is the ultimate catch?  Keep reading….
The Basics:   
Name: Matt C. Nacier
Hometown: Born in Brooklyn, NY, but lives in Highland Village, Texas
School/Year: A&S 2014
Major: Economics with a potential communication minor
BC Life:
Activities/Clubs:  UGBC, Majis Jamaica Trip, Point Guard for 48 Hours, Intercollegiate Representative
Best Class: Probably Courage to Know.  Professor Bis was great… just kept it real.
Worst Class:  I don’t know.  I wanna say my intensive French course.  It was pretty rough.
Bapst or O’Neill?  Bapst all the way.  I don’t even know where O’Neill is.
Favorite Place to Eat:  Lower!  Everyone’s there and you can’t go wrong with the Chestnut Hill Grill.  Except for when they have lamb…lamb’s gross.
What you’re looking forward to senior year:  Not having to worry about anything.
Favorite BC Sports Team:  Absolutely football.  No question.
What’s on your BC Bucket List?  Get to the top of Gasson.  You’ve gotta do it before you graduate.
Fun Facts:
Biggest Pet Peeve:  Oh man, when you’re driving and you’re in the right hand lane and there’s a red light, but the person you’re driving behind doesn’t make the right on red.  I mean, I’m a pretty calm person, but when this happens I turn into a maniac.  Besides that nothing really bugs me too much.  No wait, I hate when people chew with their mouths open.  But honestly, who doesn’t?
Most Memorable Family Vacation:  Definitely cruising around the Caribbean.  At the time, it was the world’s largest cruise ship and there was just so much to do.  It was awesome.
Embarrassing Moment:  (no hesitation) I don’t have one.
Any special talents?  I used to play viola in High School and I also played football for BC last year.
Dream Job:  Head car designer for Audi or Astin Martin
Best Halloween Costume:  Definitely this year… Connor Marr and I were Yin and Yang.
Favorite Food:  This cranberry red my mother makes.  It’s absolutely amazing.  Other than that, I’d probably say popcorn’s my favorite.
Favorite TV Show:  I just started watching “Entourage”.  I’m on season three right now and it’s awesome.
Favorite Movie:  Ugh, that’s a tough one.  “Lion King.”
Getting Personal…
Ideal Girl: Someone who you can do anything with… when it’s not about what you’re doing, but about just being with her.
Ideal Date:  I make her dinner, and then we make dessert together.  Afterwards we just hang by the fire.  Is that too cheesy?
Deal Breakers:  She chews with her mouth open.  Or if she acts fake.  Why do girls even do that?
Dating Status:  Single
Favorite Part about Valentine’s Day?  The movie.
Valentine’s Day Plans:  None yet.  Whoever it ends up being with, I’ll get them something special.
Celebrity Crush:  Hilary Clinton.  She’s powerful.
Best Advice You’ve Ever Gotten:  Do what you need to do when you need to do it.  Also, just to live more simply.

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