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Meet Cuties Sam and Sam

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BC chapter.

Meet cutie roommates Sam and Sam, aka Sami and Sami. After meeting freshman year, these two ladies have spent a lot of time together and some time apart during abroad but nothing beats hanging out in their Mod, eating anything Buffalo flavored while wearing their Mod sweats. 

Samantha “Sami” Mills

Hometown: Niskayuna, NY (Nisk-aye-you-nah)

School/Year: A&S 2016

Major: Economics, Math and International Studies Minors

Fun fact: I hiked to the top of Mount Olympus while abroad in Greece.

Activities/Clubs: Lets Get Ready, Intramural Softball MVP, Valiant Unsuccessful Attempts at Multiple Dance Groups

Single/Taken: Ridin’ Solo

Celebrity Crush(es): Matthew Gray Gubler and Amy Schumer

What song do you turn up to? Hedwig’s Theme (The Future’s Trap Remix)- check it out

Advice to freshmen: Live in Walsh, Study Abroad, Go for a Mod, Eat Burritos Often, Drink Water Before Bed, Be Weird, Give Hugs, ~Set the World Aflame~

Samantha “Sami” Service

Hometown:  Chester, New Jersey

School/Year: A&S ‘16

Major: Economics, and International Studies Minor

Fun fact: One time I met P. Diddy.

Activities/Clubs: Working at the Plex, Intramural Softball LVP

Single/Taken: Single

Celebrity Crush(es): The entire male cast of Parks and Recreation

What song do you turn up to? Broken Arrows by Avicii   

Advice to freshmen: Don’t stress the little things! By senior year you won’t remember the test you almost failed, but you will remember movie nights in your double, the mod parties you somehow got into, and the friends that have been there since the start. 

Life Together

How did you two meet? A mutual friend set us up at the first freshman “tailgate” and it was love at first sight!

What’s your favorite activity to do together? Eat buffalo wing pretzel pieces and watch SNL in our matching nightgowns.

What’s the most exciting thing you’ve done so far senior year? Every moment spent in Mod 28B, in mod sweats.

Who’s on your senior 5?

  • Chipotle employee who puts extra chicken in our burritos and not the Norovirus
  • Leo Dicaprio in The Revenant
  • Tinder User BlackMagik
  • Bartender at Cityside
  • First person to show up to 28B with buff chicken

What is your next big adventure together? Sami and Sami take on 100 Days as dates.

What is your favorite thing about the other?

  • Sam M: She has a huge heart and tiny hands.
  • Sam S: She helps me reach things that are high up in the kitchen.

What is your least favorite thing about the other?

  • Sam M: She never replaces the toilet paper roll.
  • Sam S: She screams weird things a lot.   
Alana is currently a junior at Boston College studying Communications and marketing. She is the Publicity director and events coordinator for Her Campus BC as well as being a part of the editorial team. 
Blake is a senior at Boston College and is pursuing Biology and Pre-Med, as well as the perfect slice of pizza. She is so excited to be a co-Campus Correspondent along with Emily this year! As well as being a writer for Her Campus BC, she is also a member of the Girls Club Lacrosse team, the Public Health Club, and is a physics tutor on campus.