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Meet Cuties Chris and Maria

Meet campus cuties Maria and Chris! These best friends are sure to make you smile with their witty banter and constant stream of sarcasm. If you see them around campus make sure to say hello!

The Basics


Maria Tulois-Kozak and Chris Richards

Hometown: Portsmouth, NH

School/Year: A&S 2015


    Maria: Hispanic Studies and Political Science

    Chris: Biology


BC Life


    Both: Co-Leaders of Students Helping Honduras, ESL teachers

    Maria: WIB senior consultant, van driver for VSLC

    Chris: co-founder of the student advisory board, biology lab TA

Best Class:

    Maria: Pulse with Professor McMenamin

    Chris: Naptime 

Worst Class:

    Both: Molecules and Cells

Bapst or O’Neill:

    Both: O’Neill

Favorite place to eat:

    Both: Mod 11a and Chipotle



Biggest Pet Peeve:

    Maria: People who chew with their mouth open and peope who think there is only one door in Mac and the library

    Chris: That there hasn’t been a plague in 300 years

One thing most excited about for senior year:

    Maria: Learning all the building names without a map 

    Chris: Going to Las Vegas for Easter

Fun Fact:

    Maria: Chris asked me out in the 6th grade 

    Chris: Before going abroad junior year we had never spent more than a month apart. Also we are both world champion percussionists

Favorite Movie: 

    Maria: Fantasia, but I like to pregame to Rent

    Chris: Not Another Teen Movie

Favorite TV Show: 

    Maria: Sons of Anarchy

    Chris: Shameless

Dream Job:

    Maria: Proprietor of a wildlife reserve

    Chris: Animal domesticator at Maria’s wildlife reserve

Favorite BC Sport:

    Both: Hockey

Advice to Freshman:

    Maria: Go out more and have more fun, don’t try so hard

    Chris: Stop caring so much


Whether you see this dynamic duo around campus or at Chipotle they are sure to make you laugh!


Photo Sources

Chris Richards and Maria Tulois-Kozak

Boston College student hailing from the Midwest. Senior Sociology major and International Studies minor. Fun-loving youngest in a set of triplets. Jewelry obsessed Chipotle enthusiast. Die hard Blackhawks fan who hopes to some day be as cool as Rachel Zoe (and have her closet).  
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