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Meet Cutie Kyle Coffee!

Meet Kyle Coffee!  This California native is looking forward to spending his last semester at BC doing what he loves best with the people he loves most (all while wearing shorts).  Get excited, you’re in for quite a treat with this week’s Campus Cutie!

Name:  Kyle Coffee
Hometown:  San Rafael, CA 
School/Year:  Arts & Sciences, 2013
Major:  Communications and Hispanic Studies with a History minor


Residence on campus:  Mods
One thing to do before you graduate:  1) Tackle football game in the snow – Shirts vs Skins (I’m captain of the skins team) and 2) Destroy Kim in the one-on-one basketball game we’ve been talking about for a while now
Favorite place to eat on campus:  Lower (Buff Chicks)
Best class:  U.S. 1960 – Present History with Prof. Maney
Worst class:  Origin of Life and Species (let’s just say it was not “Rocks for Jocks” – strugglefest)
Things you do on campus:  Word of Mouth (writers note – while omitted by the humble Coffee, as club president he is frequently referred to as “King Kyle” or “Presidente”), Campus School Marathon Team, Operation No Neck (weight lifting), Swing Kids, Arrupe


Biggest pet peeve:  When people walk really slow up the Million Dollar Stairs and you can’t pass them, when people leave wet sponges and/or dirty dishes in the sink, when people get in the elevator before you have a chance to get off
Song currently stuck in your head:  “Born to Run” by Bruce Springsteen (now and always, it’s a classic)
Favorite holiday:  Marathon Monday
Greatest fear:  Not being at BC next year
Favorite sports team:  San Francisco Giants
Guilty pleasure:  I would say eating cookies, but that’s not really guilty, that’s just a pleasure.
Favorite chick flick: Mean Girls is pretty solid…
Five fun facts about yourself:

  1. I always wear shorts.  Always.
  2. My initials are KFC.
  3. San Rafael is the birthplace of 4/20 (but I’m not a stoner!)
  4. I find Bryan’s gigantic nose borderline irresistible
  5. I can belt it (singing)


Single or taken:  Single
Celebrity girl crush:  Brooklyn Decker
Celebrity guy crush:  Alex Smith (but he’s leaving me soon!)
Deal breakers:  Drama over texting (my goodness), apathy towards sports, LA Dodgers fans, NY Giants fans (I’m really not a Philadelphia person either, but I’d be offending a lot of people if I said that), anyone who likes Nicki Minaj
Deal maker/ideal girl:  Love of buff chicks, fan of classic rock, hatred of the Dodgers and the NY Giants, willing to rage (that should have been number one, I don’t know why that slipped my mind), people from BC

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