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Meet Cutie Couple Wan-Yi and Jon!

This cutie pair is one of the most adorable around! After meeting each other at the Plex one day, they have been inseparable. Not only are they incredibly sweet, you will never find yourself short of laughs when around these two. Read on to find out more!

The Basics

Name: Wan-Yi Sweeting, Jon Dilger

Hometown: W – Hong Kong, J – Deep River, CT

School/Year: W – A&S 2016, J – A&S 2015

Major: W – International Studies, J – Political Science


BC Life

Activities/Clubs: W – Varsity Tennis Team, J – Club Soccer

Bapst or O’Neill: (I know from personal experience, they’re at O’Neill all the time.)

Fun Facts

Biggest pet peeve:

Wan-Yi: When he bites his nails.

Jon: When her British accent gives way to Americanisms.

Embarrassing moment:

Jon: …Nothing we can talk about and still keep this PG.

Celeb crush:
Wan-Yi: Can mine be a girl? Jessica Alba

Jon: Jennifer Lawrence

Favorite hangout spot on campus:

Wan-Yi: We Plex it out, and then we O’Neill it up.

Jon: No, you can’t make those all into verbs.

Ideal guy/girl:

Wan-Yi: Sporty, intelligent, funny, good-looking, cultured.

Jon: Funny, athletic and spontaneous.

Ideal date:

Wan-Yi: A beach picnic with a sunset!

Jon: Riding an elephant together in Thailand was awesome.

Wan-Yi: Something sporty and spontaneous, not commonly done. Anything like that is fun.

Funny date stories:

Jon: I thought I was taking her to the number 1 French restaurant in Boston, as advised by multiple rating websites, and it turned out to not even be French…still pretty good, though.

Wan-Yi: I tricked him into trying snake soup.

Deal breakers:

Wan-Yi: I know more about his than I even know my own! His is smoking…come on Jon tell me mine!

Jon: I obviously don’t pay enough attention to you! I mean, definitely for you someone who isn’t open to other cultures…aka someone who doesn’t like Chinese food.  

Advice to freshmen:

Wan-Yi: My advice to freshmen is that everything will be fine. There is no need to freak out, it will all turn out well in the end. Find a good boyfriend and have him do all your homework for you.

Jon: It’s The Gate, not Stayer Hall!

Relationship Advice:

Jon: Neither of us really “forced” the issue, it kind of just happened.

Wan-Yi: It’s important to be friends, and that’s how it is for us.


Niloufar is a senior at Boston College, majoring in French and English. 
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