Meet Cutie Amber Glavine!

Meet Amber Glavine! This sophomore from Atlanta is not only the sweetest girl ever, but she has the voice of an angel! Read more to get to know her! 

The Basics

Name: Amber Glavine

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

School/Year: A&S 2017

Major: Poly Sci and Linguistics

BC Life

Activities/Clubs:  I am a vocalist in BC b0p!, and an E-board member. I'm also an International Assistant. I like it, it’s a big time commitment at the beginning of the year, but after it’s whatever you want to do. You make a lot of friends! I have an internship at the State House in the office of higher ed.

Favorite Class: I really like my Honors Seminar this semester, which probably sounds pretentious. Last year I hated it, but now it’s super fun. My professor is such a kindred spirit - he’s a weird guy - and he talks about whatever he feels like that day. 

Worst class: I think my first honors seminar was the hardest. I hated it sometimes. It was very rewarding, but when it was happening I didn’t enjoy it. I like all my classes!

Bapst or O’Neill: O’Neil 2nd floor, but I’m biased because I used to work there. 

Favorite place to eat: Definitely Mac, I love Mac, I miss it so much and it’s so far away from me.

Where we’ll most likely find you on campus: The Band Room, or in my room - when I don’t have something going on, I’m definitely sleeping!

Biggest pet peeve: I hate it when people mispronounce words that have come to be habitually mispronounced.

One thing most excited about for senior year: Right now, it just scares me because I don’t want it to come. But I’m living off campus next year, so I think it’ll be nice to return to campus.

Favorite movie: Clueless

Favorite TV show:  Community

Celeb crush: Definitely Chris Hemsworth, I would marry him tomorrow for sure. He’s so rugged, Thor is just too much for me, he is just so hot!

Dream job: In a perfect world, I’d be a Grammy award wining recording artist/secretary of state. I’m probably going to have to refine that at some point, so we’ll have to see what happens.

Favorite BC sport to watch:  Men’s Hockey, I love hockey!

Ideal Guy: I guess being funny is important to me, and smart, but in different ways than I am smart. You need to be different so we can contribute, but so I don’t feel threatened by his intelligence. Also cute, that’s important too.

Ideal date: I want to do something where there’s some structure, but not too much going on where you can’t talk. I don’t like going to movies on a date or concerts because I need to focus, but dinner is always good. Anything among the trees, I love trees, so something in a park would be nice. Just something casual!

Deal breakers: They have to be interested in music in some capacity because it's my life’s passion, and I need them to understand when I start crying to a song sometimes; I need someone to appreciate it and be able to have an intelligent conversation.

Fun Fact: Well I don’t technically know how my middle name is spelled. It’s Nicole, and sometimes it's spelled Nicole and sometimes it's Nichole. I asked my dad once, and he said that they didn’t know. I never ended up asking my mom because I like to keep the mystery alive.

Advice to freshmen:  The most important thing is to find something that you love and do it and get involved in something. I don’t know where I’d be without b0p! B0p! is love and everyone should have something like that.

B0p! song she's most excited to sing: I really like the song “landed” - it’s a definite jam. Everyone look out for that, featuring Ali Coyle.

Musical Icon: My favorite musician ever is Kevin Parker, the lead singer of Tame Impala. When he records an album, he plays every instrument and does it all himself. The full band only exists while they’re performing!

Guilty Pleasure Song: I’m a really big Big Time Rush fan, I’ve seen them in concert 3 times and they’re AMAZING and I love them.

Dream Karaoke Song: My dream is to karaoke "Saving All My Love For You" by Whitney Houston, which dates back to 2005. Me and my best friend would always sing it in my bedroom. It was very random, but someday we will sing it together and it will be beautiful.


Now that you know more about Amber, make sure to go see her on Saturday night at 8pm at Robsham with b0p!