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Meet Cutie Alex Toppo!

Meet Alex, our Campus Cutie of the week! He’s the kindest guy you’ll ever meet, hilarious, sweet, and not to mention, altogether gorgeous. Chances are, you’ve seen Alex around, whether it’s at the Plex, in the library, or at football games (he’s a conductor for the BCMB!). I’ve been lucky enough to know this guy since BC orientation before freshman year, so I can tell you that you should really start up a conversation with him! First, here are some things to help you get to know him:

The Basics

Name: Alex Toppo

Hometown: Paramus, NJ

School/Year: 2016 A&S

Major: Biochemistry, Hispanic studies minor… Is this a resume? I can be modest, I swear!

BC Life

Activities/Clubs: BCMB, Pep Band, and I work in a lab in Higgins on 5th floor. It’s very enjoyable, much more than it sounds at least. I also tutor at CFLC on weekends – I like teaching things, teachers run in the family. I’m glad I can continue that trend.

Favorite Class: I’m liking Russian Literature right now! It’s so out of the way, it’s stuff that I wouldn’t normally read, and you learn so much, it’s crazy. I like looking at different aspects of the world, and I took the class for med school.

Worst class: I don’t want to pick on any in particular, but I don’t like classes where the only thing I’m doing is studying to get a grade. A bad class is anything I can’t have a good conversation with my grandmother about (cue the awws).

Bapst or O’Neill: O’Neil 5th floor

Favorite place to eat: I love my wraps from Eagle’s [Nest]. Those spinach wraps are only there!

Where we’ll most likely find you on campus: Library or the Plex, either at 5th floor O’Neil, or at the Plex for Crossfit class (I’m one of the few males who attend them).

Biggest pet peeve:  So many to choose from… I’d go culinary… chewing with your mouth open is not something I enjoy. I try to be polite with my table manners. One peeve especially is chewing gum with your mouth open.

One thing most excited about for senior year: Oh my god… that’s a good question… just getting to do it all one more time.

Favorite movie: I really like Side Effects, it’s a Psychological Killer movie. It’s A Wonderful Life is a good one, too.

Favorite TV show:  Band of Brothers

Celeb crush: Penelope Cruz in Vanilla Sky.

Dream job: Doctor

Favorite BC sport to watch: Hockey

Ideal girl: Other than you? (I told you guys he was sweet!) She just has to put a smile on my face when I’m around her. Someone I can talk to, someone I don’t get tired of talking to. She has to bring the best in me out, make me a better person. Somebody who’s able to have fun regardless of where she is. Someone who can make the most out of anything

Ideal date: Ooh this is good, I’m going to take her somewhere nice, go out and have fun. But the ideal date isn’t as important as the impromptu stuff.

Deal breakers: Drama.

Advice to freshmen:  Don’t be afraid to fail. Explore your options!


And most importantly for the ladies…

Relationship status: As of right now, single.

Boston College student, but Wisconsinite at heart. Music aficionado, and lover of all things cats. BC '16, LSOE. Secondary Ed. and English major, Psychology minor. Along with being a writer and editor for HC BC, Samantha is a Drumline Section Leader in the Screaming Eagles Marching Band, involved in the BC Pep Band and the BC Symphonic Band, and is a member of the English Association.
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