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Meet Cool, Calm, and Collected (oh, and of course charming!) Ryan McGuill!

When you first meet Ryan he gives off this laid back vibe that just makes you want to spend the rest of the day with him.  Sure, some may call him hipster, but you can’t put a label on this one of a kind BC Superfan. C’mon, who else loves world capitals, burritos, trays in Lower, and Meryl Streep?  While he may currently be off the market, he’s so charming, witty, and easygoing that you’ll definitely be willing to settle and just be friends with McG (one of his endearing nicknames). Bottom line….whether Ryan’s on the frisbee field, a service trip in Honduras, or a comfy beanbag chair in his common room in 90, McGuill definitely earns the title of this week’s Campus Cutie.
The Basics
Name:  Ryan McGuill
Hometown:  Walpole, MA
School/Year:  A&S 2014
Major:  Political Science
BC Life
Activities/Clubs:  Ultimate Frisbee, did a service trip in Honduras, and write for “The Heights” (well, when I feel like turning in articles).
Best Class:  Probably Pulse (pause) yeah, totally.
Worst Class:  Like one that I’ve hated in the past?  Probably like, lemme think, probably Macro Economics.  That wasn’t very fun.  But the Professor would write some nice poems at the end of each class…in front of a class of 200. 
Bapst or O’Neill:  Bapst, 100 percent.
Favorite Place to Eat:  Uhh, Lower.  With a tray! #traymovement, #thatsh!ttray.  If I’ve got too much to carry, like a fruit, a drink, couple bags of chips, I need a tray.  I can’t carry that all.
Fun Facts and Favorites
Biggest Pet Peeve:  Umm, oh I was just thinking about this the other day.  What was my pet peeve the other day…oh, socks that aren’t tight and they droop down!  Yeah, old socks!  Old socks that are too big for you and won’t stay up around your ankles.  Also, when people try to sing along to songs that they don’t know and so when they don’t know the words they just mumble.
Favorite Actor:Definitely Seth Rogan.
Favorite Actress:Meryl Streep…she’s a babe. Silver fox.
Celebrity look alike:Obviously Jude Law. 
Favorite Family Vacation:We went to Italy for my grandparents’ 50th anniversary.  That was really fun.  We stayed in Tuscany for a week.
One thing most excited about for senior year:That’s a long way away.  I don’t even wanna think about that.  But I’d definitely say being able to tailgate in the Mods.
Most embarrassing moment:Ever?  If I’m going way back, in 4th grade I knocked over my recess aid when we were out playing dodge ball.  I ran into her and she fell over and cracked her head open and had to be taken to the emergency room in an ambulance.  I felt so bad…that was embarrassing.
Favorite Movie:I’m going real hipster here.  Definitely “Pineapple Express”.  Either that or “Garden State”.
Favorite TV Show:  “Breaking Bad”.
Dream Job:Masseuse..nah, just kidding.  Speech writer for the President.  Either that or writing for the “Daily Show”.  That’d be really cool.
Favorite BC sport:Basketball.  They’ll get better, I believe it.
Favorite Hangout spot on campus:My common room probably.
Favorite Halloween Costume:I was Baby New Year one year.
Favorite Food:Burritos.  Love Ana’s Taqueria.  El Pelon’s actually really good too.
Superpower you’d want to have: Fly, absolutely.  I’d love to be able to visit any country on a whim.
Nicknames: McG.
Special talents: I know every world capital.
Advice to freshmen:Enjoy yourself and don’t sweat the small stuff.  And always use a tray.  
Love life
Dating status: Taken.
Deal breakers: Girls that don’t have a sense of humor.
Ideal date: Something where both of us are able to talk to each other and get to know each other.  Also, any Boston sporting event since those are always really fun.  Like a Sox game or a Pats game.
First thing you notice about a girl: Smile or laugh.
Celeb Crush: Rachel McAdams

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