Meet Campus Cuties Lexi and Katie!

Meet Campus Cuties Lexi Schneider and Katie Hayward! They’re on PULSE Council together—a fun and passionate community of 18 students who care about social justice issues and dedicate themselves to the PULSE service-learning program at BC! When Lexi and Katie aren’t saving the world from injustices, they can be seen hanging out in the PULSE office together or eating mango sorbet (or at least that’s Lexi). They’re an amazing friend-duo you don’t wanna miss!

The Basics:

Names: Lexi Schneider and Katie Hayward

Hometown: Lexi: Dedham, MA; Katie: Boston, MA

School/Year: Lexi: A&S 2014; Katie: A&S 2015

Major: Lexi: History and Theology; Katie: Sociology and Philosophy

**Answers will be Lexi / Katie—one answer means they answered the same (cute!).**

BC Life:

Best Class: HIV/AIDS Ethics with Fr. Keenan / PULSE

Worst Class: I thought taking German would be a good idea… false / Calculus

Bapst or O’Neill: O’Neill

Activities/Clubs: Head Coordinator of SAP, PULSE Council, Appa Trip Leader / Campus School Buddy and Golf Chair, Arrupe Ecuador, PULSE council,  and St. Francis House Volunteer

Favorite BC sport: Hockey / Football

Favorite hangout on campus: SAP Office or PULSE office / The PULSE office

One thing on your BC bucket list: Tour the Gasson Bell Tower / Have dinner with a Professor

Why BC: Jesuits. That is all. / I can’t remember ever not wanting to go to BC. I grew up coming to season football games and it has been a dream ever sense.  

A Few More Facts:

Biggest pet peeve: When the person beside you is constantly fidgeting in class / When people litter

Little known fact: A mouse once gave birth in my hand #camp / I can touch my tongue to my nose

Favorite movie: Love Actually / The Sandlot

Favorite food: Mango sorbet / Steak

Dream job: Physician for Boston Healthcare for the Homeless / Working for a non profit

Most embarrassing moment: I tripped over a bench while giving a tour once. Although I’m still confused why no one ever told me that I was walking backwards towards a bench. / All day everyday

Guilty pleasure: Half priced maragaritas at the Bees! / Getting my nails done

One thing you want to do before you die: Be in the Olympics / Ride an elephant

Personal motto: Preach the Gospel at all times. Use words if necessary. / Live colorfully.

Advice to freshmen:

L: Learn to be vulnerable. It’s going to be hard and it might even hurt a bit, but it allows you to live life that much more fully and completely delve into your relationships.

K: Don’t get hung up on finding yourself, enjoy the moment and get involved with what you love. The rest will come naturally, promise.

Love Life:

Taken/Single: Single / Single

Ideal guy: Someone with a good heart, a sense of humor, and patience for all of my antics and quirks. / Someone who is up for anything and has a genuine passion to make the world a better place.

Deal breakers: If they’re obnoxious in public / Dull, lazy, and selfish

Deal makers: An appreciation for giraffes, social justice, and mango sorbet. / Adventurous, caring, and a good smile

Couple Questions

How do you two know each other?  

Through the best service learning program out there, PULSE!

What is your favorite thing together?

Save the world, one friendship at a time. / Getting to interact with Lexi at our placement site, we don’t work at the same placement but are located in the same building so there are times when we are able to run into each other. I love getting to see Lexi in action doing something that she really loves and is so good at. Lexi is such a caring and fun loving friend I am so blessed to know her!