Meet Campus Cutie, RJ Rescigno!

Meet Campus Cutie RJ Rescigno, a senior in A&S. This adorable guy can be found around campus admiring Carney (but actually), listening to the newest music, and hanging out in his suite in Voute or in the mods. He’s a fun-loving, kind-hearted soul with an affinity for all things silly and cute.

The Basics

Name: RJ Rescigno

Hometown: Gladstone, New Jersey

School/Year: A&S, 2015

Major: Economics


BC Life

Activities/Clubs: WZBC radio DJ, No Fillers music editor. Coolest person I ever interviewed was SKYWLKR.

Best class: Fundamentals of Audio.

Worst class: Gen Chem.

Bapst or O’Neill: I don’t do libraries.

Favorite place to eat: For off-campus, it’s Chipotle; Stuart for on-campus.

One thing most excited about for senior year: Senior week 2015!

Favorite BC sport: Hockey, straight up. Football is fun too, and basketball is okay.

Favorite hangout spot on campus: Carney basement, straight up. I actually hang out there all the time and it’s really nice now.

Advice to freshmen: Love Newton if you’re on Newton. If you’re not on Newton, then go to Newton.


Fun Stuff 

Fun fact: I was tickled by The Tickler. It was very traumatizing, but now it’s kind of funny.

Favorite movie: Thankskilling; it’s about a turkey that kills people. It’s because he’s getting retribution for all the Thanksgivings when turkeys were killed.

Favorite TV show: South Park—nope, Bob’s Burgers

Celeb crush: Dan Foster

Dream job: Firefighter

Favorite form of social media: Instagram, for my party pictures.

Ideal girl: A girl who shares my love for Carney.

Ideal date: Ice-skating at Frog Pond. Gotta go with the classic. It allows for speaking and it’s not like watching a movie because at a movie you can’t talk. At a restaurant I don’t know what to eat; is she going to think I’m cute if I’m eating like that? I don’t know.

Next time you're walking through Carney or listening to WZBC, keep an eye or an ear out for RJ!