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Meet Campus Cutie, Olivia Evans!

Meet Olivia Evans! Liv is a fun-loving sophomore who has a passion for Mac Flat-Tops and Cherry Coke Zero. She dreams of someday visiting the Seven Wonders of the World and singing a duet with Beyoncé. Read on to learn more about this affable cutie! 

The Basics:

Name: Olivia Evans

Hometown: Rockville, MD

School/Year: CSOM ‘16

Concentration: Accounting


BC Life:

Best class: Financial Accounting with the Wilsons

Favorite hangout spot on campus: My bed

Favorite BC experience: Spending orientation staying up until 3 a.m. talking and laughing with people I’m still close friends with today.

Why BC? It felt like family.  

Go-to lunch spot on campus: Eagle’s. Hands. Down.

A Few More Facts:

Little known fact: I’m actually really funny.

Favorite movie: She’s The Man

Favorite song of the moment: “Talk Dirty” by Jason Derulo

Favorite food: Toss up between sandwiches and pizza

Celeb crush: Channing Tatum. He will always be my number one.

Dream job: Infectious disease doctor

Guilty pleasure: Twilight  

Personal motto: Making the uncomfortable comfortable.  

Favorite Halloween costume: Daisy from The Great Gatsby or Casper the Ghost… you choose

Favorite ice cream flavor: Strawberry cheesecake

Favorite thing to do in the winter: Stay in bed and watch Netflix


Love Life:

Taken/Single: Single

Ideal guy: Tall, dark, and handsome. And funny.

Date you’d never want to go on: Ice-skating

Ideal date: A spontaneous trip abroad… “At least she’s low maintenance”- Liz Walk, roommate of Olivia Evans

Deal breakers: Cigarette smoking, no sense of humor

Deal makers:  Nice eyes, smart, loves kids

Funny date stories? She has none of her own, but this one time she was a third wheel…


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