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Meet Campus Cutie, Jiwon Lee!

Meet Campus Cutie Jiwon Lee! She is very adventurous coming all way from Seoul, Korea to attend Boston College. She is busy finishing up her last semester as a senior nursing student, but when she does have a spare moment you can find her just hanging out with friends or enjoying BC’s fine dinning. Get to know Jiwon and you will see she is full of character and fun!

Name: Jiwon Lee

Hometown: Seoul, Korea

School/Year: CSON/2015

Major: Nursing

BC Life

Activities/Clubs: Undergraduate Research Fellow, Intramural Ice Hockey, KSA/CSA Culture Show

Best class: Psych-Mental Health Nursing Theory

Worst class: Atlantic Worlds II (I don’t like/am bad at history)

Bapst or O’Neill: Bapst (Before I came to BC, I googled pictures of Bapst and told myself I would study there everyday. AND I did for a week!)

Favorite place to eat: Everywhere, honestly. I love BC dining food. I dreamt about it when I studied abroad.


Biggest pet peeve: Being late

One thing most excited about for senior year: I am almost done and don’t care much about anything.

Advice for the younger classmen: Say I love you, sorry and thank you. Don’t hesitate to say things because it might sound stupid, because people probably won’t remember. Also, enjoy being at BC. 4 years will pass by in the blink of an eye.

Best moment at BC: Bathroom talk/cry/hug with a friend during the first week of college because she was homesick. We became best friends after.

Most embarrassing moment: Don’t want to share it because it was too embarrassing….

Favorite TV show: Family guy

Dream job: A nurse educator who can improve the working environment for nurses in Korea

Favorite BC sport: Hockey 

Favorite hangout spot on campus: O’neil plaza lawn



Single or Taken: Single

Ideal date: Go watch a sport game in the TD Garden and have a stroll around Boston, holding hands :)


Next time you see the lovely Jiwon Lee, make sure to give her a big hello!


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