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Meet Campus Celeb: Molly Boigon!

Have you ever met a person who with one joke can lift the mood in the room enough to energize its inhabitants into exciting conversation, or bring the most seemingly polar personalities together with a simple laugh? Molly Boigon, Class of 2016, is just that kind of girl. Her enthusiasm and humor are what draw people toward her, but it is her intelligence and kindness that make them remember her. Maybe you’ve heard her show, The Molly Bean Show, where she talks about anything and everything, prompting her listeners to question themselves and the social reality. Recently returned from a semester abroad in Madrid, meet this Campus Celeb!

Name: Molly Boigon

Hometown: Harrison, NY

School/Year: LSOE 2016

Major: Applied Psychology and Human Development

Minor: Management and Leadership (CSOM)

Best class: Psychology of Learning with David Miele

Worst class: Research Methods and Analysis

Bapst or O’Neill: Broneill

Activities/Clubs: BC Hillel, WZBC and BC Sharps

Favorite place to eat: Mac

Favorite hangout on campus: The Rat

Biggest regret: I didn’t invest in Apple computers when I was in elementary school

Biggest success/best experience: I had the best internship ever on a comedy radio show in New York and I belly-laughed all day every day for two consecutive summers. 

One thing still on your BC Bucket List: Graduate

Fun fact: I was my high school’s mascot (Perry the Panther)

Favorite food: Pizza 5ever

Favorite book: Trumpet of the Swan by E.B. White 

Favorite movie: Hot Rod

Favorite song of the moment: “Truffle Butter”

Celebrity crush: Andy Samberg

Advice to freshmen: Specifically ladies – there are so many available role models at this school. Take advantage of the wisdom of upperclassmen and professors! They can be a great source of energy and inspiration.

If you want to get to know more about this wonderfully funny and talented lady, check out her radio talk show, which can be streamed on a radio tuned to 90.3 FM or through the online listener every Wednesday from 9-10 AM. If you are interested in what you hear, you can always contribute your ideas, questions, or comments to themollybeanshow@gmail.com.

Sultana is a Political Science and Communications double major with a double minor in Math and Theology. Originally from New York City, she loves human rights, fashion, and funny people.
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