Meet Campus Celeb: Goose Crossing!

Meet the comedic minds behind Boston College’s sketch comedy group, Goose Crossing! I got the chance to talk with senior John Schettino about how the group came to be, the writing, filming and editing process, and everything else that goes into these hilarious sketches. Read on to find out more!

John, one of the sketch writers and producers, describes the birth of the group as process of trial and error; no one had yet developed the skills needed for writing, filming, or editing. “Our very first sketch literally never saw the light of day. We had no idea what we were doing and everything we recorded had a weird echo sound to it...but we slowly improved.” With the help of fellow seniors Jesse Nicholas (producer) and John Campbell (editor), the group now takes on the task of presenting a brand new sketch to the Boston College community every week. Some of their most popular (and personal favorites) include “Housing of Cards,” a House of Cards parody released prior to the housing lottery last year, and “Stair Wars,” a sketch about the daily battle every student faces against the Million Dollar Stairs.  

It’s finally the love for their work that brings each and every piece to life. From bouncing ideas off one another, to gathering a group of actors to film, and finally editing the videos, the entire process takes the contribution of every member of the team. “Every sketch really becomes a huge collaborative effort and I love that.” To watch more of their hilarious videos, check out the Goose Crossing YouTube channel!


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