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Meet Best Friend Campus Cuties Nuria Boj and Franchesca Verendia!

Meet best friends Nuria Boj and Franchesca Verendia. They met in Perspectives their first year at BC and have been inseparable ever since. When these funny girls aren’t cliff jumping or crowd surfing, they can be found on the Bapst Lawn or at Fin’s sushi off campus. Read on to learn more about them! 

The Basics

Name: Nuria Boj and Franchesca Verendia

Hometown: Barcelona, Spain and Central Valley, New York

School/Year: CSOM 2015 and A&S 2015

Major: Marketing with a History minor; Political Science and Sociology

How did the two of you become friends?

Perspectives during our Freshman year. I guess we really bonded over our love of Plato… or lack thereof.

BC Life


N- BC Women’s Ultimate Frisbee, Rent the Runway, CSOM Distinguished Teaching Awards Committee.

F- VSA (Come watch me perform in Showdown!), APAHM Planning Committee, Massachusetts Jobs with Justice Intern.

Best class:

N- Perspectives on Management with Professors Clavin and Powers (Highly recommended before you graduate!).

F- Islamic Political Philosophy with Professor DiPasquale .

Worst class:

N- Statistics with Father McGowan (He has his favorites and I wasn’t one of them…).

F- Calculus II (As you can tell, we love math.).

Bapst or O’Neill:

N- O’Neill is my Home. The librarians are my family. I know what their shifts are.

F- Actually, I like the Theology library on Brighton! It’s filled with light.

Favorite place to eat:

N&F- Fin’s. Sushi is the key to our heart.


Biggest pet peeve:

N- Hairballs on our Edmonds carpet.

F- Disrespectful people.

Most embarrassing/funny stories of the two of you:

N- Fran falling down a flight of stairs at the South Street apartments.

F- Everyone thought Nuria was hurt because she collapsed on the ground crying from laughter. Good friends don’t pick you up when you fall. Apparently, they just come down to your level.

N- And then I convinced a bunch of people on the Comm Ave bus that she tore her ACL so we needed this drunk guy’s broom to bring her back home.

F- My knee is still swollen. It’s been 3 months.

Fun fact:

N- I went cliff jumping in Sydney. I found out they were shark-infested waters later…

F- I went Couchsurfing last semester.

Favorite TV show:

N- The Mindy Project.

F- Game of Thrones.

Celeb crush:

N- Kid Cudi.

F- John Legend.

Favorite hangout spot on campus:

N&F- Bapst Lawn in the spring. Hopefully it’ll warm up again soon!

Ideal date:  

N- A handsome gentleman cooking me dinner.

F- I really like museums!

Deal breakers:

N- Womanizers.

F- Dishonesty.

Advice to freshmen:   

N- Spur of the moment decisions are okay, live it up!

F- Learn how to take rejection well and use it as motivation for the future.

Advice on how to have a lasting friendship in college:

N- Have enough embarrassing pictures of each other that it’s mutually assured destruction if you fight.

F- I second that.


You really can meet your best friend forever here at BC! Just look at these two! 


Katherine ValentinoSenior in A&S English Major Minor in American Studies, concentration in journalism 
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