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Meet BCCT’s Mike Pisaturo!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BC chapter.

Meet this week’s Campus Celeb, Mike Pisaturo. Mike is a junior who stared in Boston College Contemporary Theater’s production of Bug,

which ran this past weekend. Read on to learn more about Mike, BCCT, and Bug!

Name: Mike Pisaturo

Major and Year: Secondary Education and Math, 2017

Other activities: Screaming Eagles Marching Band, Relay for Life, LSOE Honors Program Community Service Council, Let’s Get Ready SAT/college prep, FairED BC

What is BCCT? BCCT (Boston College Contemporary Theater) is a student-run organization that produces two full-length shows (typically one play and one musical) each year in the Bonn Studio Theater.

How did you get involved with BCCT? I had quite a few friends in theater tell me about the fantastic lineup of shows the department had planned for this season, one of which was Bug. What initially drew me to auditioning for the show was its extremely interesting and boundary-pushing subject matter, but what kept me around were the incredibly professional, talented, and sincere people involved in the process.

How can other people get involved? Obviously, one of the most common ways people get involved with Contemporary Theater is by auditioning for a show (the next one, Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead, goes up the second weekend in April), but there are also opportunities to help out in the technical aspects of the show by assisting the stage manager, costume crew, hair/makeup crew, etc.

What was Bug about? Bug is a psycho-thriller that tackles themes of paranoia, conspiracy theories, and both physically and emotionally toxic relationships all within a seedy Oklahoma City motel room.

What role did you play? I play the role of Dr. Sweet, a shady character who comes back to retrieve his “experiment.”

The show: Halloween was the perfect setting for Bug. It was both creepy and funny, set in a unique and interesting setting. The characters were compelling and interesting and although the plot was fairly specific on the surface, it was easily adaptable and the audience could connect to all different points of story.

If you missed this BCCT production, be sure to like their Facebook page to stay in the know about future performances and auditions!

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Courtesy of Boston College Contemporary Theatre

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