A Love Letter to Dunkin' Donuts

Dear Dunks, 

You have always been there for me, and I love you for that. As a true New Englander, I think your iced coffee trumps all. I admit, I have cheated on you a few times with someone named Starbucks, and even *gasp* dining hall iced coffee, but nothing will match up to a Medium Iced Regular. I only truly love you, Dunks. I mean that. 

You always try to add new things to your menu to keep it interesting, which I never try, but I appreciate the effort. I like to stick to the classics. Your bacon egg and cheese on a bagel is a perfect breakfast on the go, and your greasy hash browns are the perfect hangover cure. While your bagels and cream cheese are not the best, they are still great for a quick breakfast after a rough night. I am so thankful for your Munchkins when I need a quick sugar rush. In the winter, your Vanilla Chai always warms me up. But, nothing comes close to your iced coffee. You are so reasonably priced, which can be so dangerous. I can never get enough of you: you are just so addicting. 

You are the perfect companion to bring to the beach, and even to class. You give me energy, and always cheer me up. You also have an amazing ability to cool me down at the same time. Many people think you always have too much cream or sugar in you, but I like it that way. I think you are perfect just the way that you are. Your iced coffee is unmatched, and my love for you is, too. 

Never change, babe. I know that when “I got my Dunkin’ iced coffee, I’m feeling alright.” 

Your love is my drug, Dunks.