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Lilly for Target

On Sunday, April 19, thousands of people lined up outside of Target stores across the U.S. and Canada, waiting for the Lilly Pulitzer for Target launch. Back in January, Target made it’s official announcement that Target and Lilly would be coming together for a 250-item release of apparel, accessories and shoes, home accessories and outdoor furniture and accessories. Many Lilly fans eagerly waited this day from the very start, but when those doors opened at 8 AM, many shoppers were more than disappointed – they were angry. Some had tried ordering items online before arriving at the store only to have the site repeatedly crash on them. Items online sold just as quickly as items in the stores.

From personal experience at the Target in Watertown, people went crazy. The minute the doors open people ran and grabbed all that they could from the clothing racks and then ran to grab as many of the home goods as they could. People had their carts filled with multiples of many items and it turned into frenzy. People began grabbing items from people’s carts and even out of people’s hands. There was not enough merchandise for everyone especially when there was no limit as to how many items a person could buy.

Just hours after the Target launch, eBay was flooded with Lilly for Target merchandise going for more than double what it was in stores and online. And what’s worse: you might only be able to get this merchandise on eBay for the ridiculous prices, as Target is not planning to restock the collection.

Walking into Targets now, it is easy to find many bare shelves where the Lilly items used to be. You might be lucky to still find some of the cosmetic products and a hammock stand or two but you most likely will not find a hammock for the stand. If you still want to find a Lilly for target item, your best bet is to monitor stores closely as there is the possibility for returns or head over to eBay and start placing some bids!


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