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A Letter From the HC BC Presidents

Dear Readers,

Today we have received an overwhelming response to our guest blog article, “The Do’s and Don’ts of Impressing a Bro,” by Broston College.  As the editors of Her Campus BC, we take full responsibility for any offense we have caused.  The original intent of having Broston College write for us was to partner with a popular voice on BC’s campus and provide some facetious humor in the style that Broston is known for.  We did not mean for any of our readers to take this article seriously and we truly apologize for any misinterpretations of our intent. 

Our mission at Her Campus BC is to be a “collegiette’s™ guide to life.”  The magazine is meant to be a resource for girls on campus- to provide information, advice, reflections, fun, and humor.  Our goal is to write articles that are relevant, helpful, and entertaining.  We believe in empowering women, but also in entertaining our fellow collegiettes™.  Though we do provide relevant and current news stories, we are not a hard news publication; we are a college lifestyle magazine which is meant to provide a wide array of topics and article types.  While some articles feature informative topics, like “Whip Your Financial Assets Into Shape with BC SWS 3: Investing,” others are more light-hearted and meant for a laugh, like “The Great Chobani Scare: The Worst Week of Our Lives.”  Some are meant to empower women, like “Nurses Call the Shots,” and others highlight strong women on campus, like “Strong Women, Strong Girls: Mentoring at BC” and “Phoebe Matthews: Bringing Yoga at BC to New Heights.”  We also like to help students academically, with articles like “The HC BC Guide to Class Registration,” as well as highlight our girls’ professional success, with articles like “The Intern Chronicles: A Public Policy Fellowship.”  We love writing about health, fitness, and beauty, but we also provide opportunities for women to give back, with articles like “One Dress, Two Dress, Old Dress, New Dress.”  We also encourage the physical and sexual safety of our readers, with articles like “BC Secure: A Tip on Staying Safe Off-Campus” and “You’re Not Alone: Sexual Health Resources in the Boston Area.”

We truly appreciate and respect all of the feedback we have received today.  We understand where these opinions are coming from and respect that our female and male readers care enough about women to vocalize their complaints.  We were especially impressed by one reader’s response in her personal blog, in which she felt “compelled to speak out against an injustice that transcends this article.”  She explained, “Ladies: You are beautiful when you are your own person.  You are beautiful when you don’t care about impressing ANY guy, bro or not, because you’re so sound with who you are that you feel complete.  But we knew that already.”  She had a tip for bros as well, saying “Bros: Put the Xbox controller down and pick up some originality.  Girls want a guy who will let them be themselves, just the same as you would.  And so the last thing I need to do is waste my time trying to ‘impress’ you.  Sorry I’m too busy getting my college degree to care what you think.  At the rate we’re graduating from college, women will most likely be your boss at some point in your life, so show some respect.”  To the author of this blog, thank you for your eloquent words and thoughtful response.
We will take today as a learning lesson and have removed the article out of respect for both men and women.  We see that women’s issues are something our readers are very passionate about discussing.  We would like to begin writing a gender issues blog, to serve as a forum for exploring issues raised today, like degradation of women and inequality.  If you are interested in contributing to these topics, we would appreciate your voice and perspective.
We hope this does not harm any of our readers’ relationship with or trust in Her Campus BC.  Please e-mail us with any questions, comments, or concerns.
Katie Moran and Julianne Wojno
Her Campus BC Co-Presidents

Julianne is an Ohio native studying communication at Boston College with a concentration in journalism. She got involved with Her Campus BC when the chapter launched in December 2010. She began as an editor and contributing writer, and since has moved up the ranks to Campus Correspondent. Aside from working for Her Campus, Julianne is a certified personal trainer at Boston College's Flynn Recreational Complex and teaches group fitness as well. During her sophomore year, Julianne was a part of the Arrupe Program at BC and traveled to Guatemala, learning about the culture, political, social, economic, and religious issues of the country. Her goals post graduation include writing for a health and fitness magazine or working in communications for college or professional athletics. As for now, however, she is enjoying life at the University she loves so much! An avid hockey and football fan, one can always find Julianne in the stands rooting on BC and the Boston Bruins! Other hobbies include running, yoga, cooking, baking, and photography.
Katie Moran is a junior at Boston College, majoring in Communication. Originally from Seattle, she loves the East Coast but misses her rainy days and Starbucks coffees. On campus, Katie is involved with Sub Turri Yearbook, the Appalachia Volunteer Program, UGBC Women's Issues Team, Cura, and the Women's Resource Center Big Sister Program. She loves reading, watching "Friends," and exploring new places. She has a passion for creating and hopes to begin a career in marketing and advertising.
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