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Last Week at Her Campus BC: Jan. 30 – Feb. 5

Didn’t check out Her Campus BC last week?  Here are the articles you missed!
Poll:  Who is your favorite Jersey Shore character?

Photo from MTV.com

Two more photoblogs by Michael Saldarriaga from the Her Campus BC launch party.  Were you in the crowd?  Did you take a cute group shot with your friends?  See if you made it onto the site!

Sneaky candid of the Her Campus BC Launch party crowd!

Sexual consent is sexy, thanks to
Lindsey Hennawi and the BC Students for Sexual Health.  Learn to balance your hectic BC schedule with Allison Lantero and beat the winter blues with Gabby Morgan.  Having trouble wearing a bra with certain tops?  Lesley Burr and Rusted Revolution have the answers!
Campus Cutie:
Last week’s cutie is Canadian, DJ-ing sophomore Rodaan Peralta-Rabang, interviewed by Danica Ramsey-Brimberg!

Campus Celebrity:
With so many service trips available at BC, how is a girl to choose?  Alyssa Rosenfeld and Robyn Antonucci open up to Brittany Lewis about their yearly trip to Natchez, Mississippi.
Going out is great but can be risky.  Hear what Elizabeth Charles has to say about getting good at going out!  If you’ve ever been through the BC housing lottery, you know that it can be hard on friendships.  Avoid the cattiness with tips from Marion Halftermeyer!

The dreaded Co-Ro.

Kathryn Fox is a senior at Boston College, majoring in International Studies. Originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma, she loves Boston but struggles with the cold weather! Kathryn is involved in teaching ESL classes, interning in BC's museum, and volunteering. She loves to travel and spent her junior year studying abroad in Morocco and South Africa. In her free time, Kathryn enjoys reading Jane Austen novels, baking, and watching trashy TV with her roommates. After graduation, she is returning to Oklahoma to work for Teach for America.
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