Keurig Hacks

Getting back into school mode after spring break is so difficult, and dealing with midterms, internship applications, and housing makes me want to tuck myself into the stacks of the library with a very large cup of coffee. Unfortunately, my home brewed coffee is getting old, but remains incredibly necessary. In an effort to improve the taste of my coffee without running to Starbucks every chance I get, here are some ways to spice up your coffee.

Make it iced

Us New Englanders sure love our iced coffee. Ten degrees out plus a wind chill? Doesn’t matter, we’re not drinking hot coffee even if our lives depended on it. Iced coffee is possible without even leaving your dorm!  Brew coffee the night before and put it in the fridge. Then in the morning, fill a tumbler or water bottle with ice and pour the cold coffee over it. For an added caffeine boost, make coffee iced cubes!


Hillside isn’t the only place to acquire a BC Bolt on campus. Brew a normal sized cup of coffee, then make a second cup on the smallest setting so it is stronger than the first.

Add some flavor

There’s only so much “coffee shop blend” coffee a girl can take. Add some variety to your coffee consumption by using flavored k cups or a flavored syrup, which can be found in any grocery store or Amazon for those really struggling for time.

Expand beyond coffee

Keurings are very versatile products and can be used for more than just brewing coffee. Use the hot water feature to make tea, hot chocolate, or even oatmeal or soup for when your body can’t handle any more caffeine.

Hope these tips will help keep you going through the second half of the semester, and remember to drink lots of water if you are consuming large doses of caffeine!

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