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Join Us at the Campus School Bandit Marathon on April 13th!

I was fortunate enough to sit down with three members of the CSVBC (Campus School Volunteers Marathon Team) Marathon Council to discuss the changes being made to the Boston Marathon for this year.

In past years, Campus School runners have run the Boston Marathon as “bandit” runners, raising money for the Campus School. Bandit runners are runners that are not formally registered for the marathon. Being a “bandit” runner is a more accessible way for college students to run the marathon because they only have to raise $250 as opposed to the thousands that is required of charity runners for the Boston Marathon. However, changes are being made following the events of the 2013 marathon, making the regulations and security stricter for runners in the marathon. It is this restriction on bandit runners that has encouraged the Marathon Committee at Boston College to make a separate marathon date for the Campus School runners.

The Campus School Bandit Marathon will take place on Sunday, April 13th with the start time set for 9am in Hopkinton. These runners will run the same course as the Boston Marathon runners, keeping the event as authentic as possible.

The creation of a separate marathon for Campus School runners is a great way to raise money for the Campus School and to raise awareness for all that the Campus School does. The money that these bandit runners make for the Campus School is the biggest source of fundraising for the school, with last year’s marathon raising over seventy thousand dollars. This marathon will also make a statement about bandit runners, reminding Boston that everyone can run the marathon for a good cause. The bandit race will also celebrate athleticism in its truest form.

“In light of everything that we have been through, we have seen the strength of the community through all of the support we have been given. This could be a big event for everyone and for the runners especially, celebrating the sport and supporting a good cause,” notes one Marathon Committee member.

Some of the runners recall their “best memories” of running the marathon for the Campus School as hitting mile marker 21 and passing through the Boston College area. These runners fondly describe the motivation that the cheers of support from fellow students and the excitement on the sidelines provided them with, encouraging them to push through and finish the marathon.

All Boston College students are invited and encouraged to come out and support these runners as they run by Boston College. Her Campus will have a water station at the event, stationed right at the start of Heartbreak Hill, to support the marathon runners from the campus school going by. Feel free to stop by and show your support for them. We will also be handing out fabulous, pink HC BC beads from 12pm until 1:30pm!

With Marathon Monday on Easter Monday this year, many people will miss the event. So what could be better than having a “Marathon Sunday” to cheer on fellow BC students? Please take advantage of this incredible event!


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