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Join the Her Campus BC Team!

Are you interested in becoming a writer, photographer or member of the pub team for Her Campus this semester? Here is your chance!

To decide what team you would like to apply to, here is a little break-down of what each team does:

Writers: Writers are responsible for submitting one article idea a week and writing one article. We completely understand if you have a super busy week, but in general each writer writes at least one article. This is a fun opportunity to write about whatever you want! Articles range from news, blogs, campus cuties, campus celebrities and current event updates! These are the type of assignments that you want to write because they are about what you like and what interests you. Whether funny, serious, sarcastic, or informational, you can write any article fit for you!

Photographers: As everyone says, a picture says a thousand words. You really help contribute to the website by teaming up with writers to do photography for their articles. You also help out via social media by capturing our events on camera and contributing to the Pinterest board and a weekly photo album of fun things on campus you did. So many talented photographers go to this school and we would love to have their brilliant work showcased on Her Campus BC!

Publicity: Thanks to publicity, Her Campus BC has become such a known name here on the Heights. Through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, the publicity team gets the word out around campus of events going on and shares all the great articles written by our editorial team. When it comes time for events, publicity team is the backbone to getting all the connections and putting the event together. If you have ever looked into PR or event planning this is a great place to start!

Her Campus BC is a fun commitment! We have lots of fun at our meetings, sharing and reading articles, bonding activities and events! The commitment is to a once a week meeting and one article idea and style blog picture, in addition to pubbing team members articles via social media and helping out at all the events.

Are you interested! Apply by Friday (January 23) at midnight! Just fill out the form here! Looking forward to adding creative and great girls to the team!

Katherine ValentinoSenior in A&S English Major Minor in American Studies, concentration in journalism 
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