Jamberry Nail Review

All opinions expressed in this article are those of the author.

Tired of having nails that chip the same day you paint them? Tired of having nails that break, which only leads to more chipping? So was I! Then I heard about Jamberry Nails. Honestly, I don’t know how I can go back to regular nail polish again.

Jamberry Nail wraps are easy-application nail wraps that come in adorable and affordable designs.  I first heard about Jamberry from a family friend when she hosted an online Jamberry Party. At $15 per set of wraps (enough for 2 manicures) and your fourth wrap free, Jamberry wraps are a non-expensive way to have a long lasting and strengthening manicure.

To apply Jamberrys, all you need are scissors, a nail file and a hairdryer or another heat source.


I decided to give my nails a little challenge. On each hand, my pinkie and thumb had only nail polish; my middle fingers had nail polish with a topcoat. On my ring fingers, I had a Jamberry wrap that had already been on for 5 days and on my pointer fingers, I had a new Jamberry.


The day of application:


I applied the nail wraps and nail polish later in the day. While the nail polish was drying, I had smudged the tip of one of my nails already.

Strike one for nail polish.

Day 3:

By day three, I had all three nails with nail polish (on both hands) chip and of those nails 3 of them broke. Even the nail polish with a topcoat had a large chunk chip off. The Jamberry was still in place without chips. The Jamberry on my ring finger had begun to rise a little bit but I was easily able to rebond it with the heat from my hairdryer.

Strike 2 for nail polish.

Day 5:

I was ready to take off all of the nail polish and put on Jamberrys. All six of those nails had broken and they all had chips on the tops and side of the nail. The Jamberry wraps that were on my ring fingers were still sealed to my nail, but the tips were beginning to pull away. One of the other Jamberry wraps, I had not cut to size, and this seal began to pull on the edge by day 5. When I got home later that night, I took off all of the nail polish.

Strike 3 for nail polish.

I quickly learned through this experiment that Jamberrys stay on longer and make your nails stronger than regular nail polish does. These are great investments and with so many adorable designs, there is sure to be one that you fall in love with!