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If My Harry Styles Concert is Cancelled, I Will Riot

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BC chapter.

I thought that March 25th, 2015 was the saddest day of my life. My world shattered in my high school sophomore year chemistry when I received a Twitter notification from One Direction with a link to a Facebook post. At this very moment, I learned that Zayn decided to leave the group and I have never fully recovered since. 

Merely a few months later, One Direction announced an indefinite hiatus and the members all began to pursue their solo projects (even though I am incredibly hopeful for a ten year reunion this summer). My personal favorite of the members from the very beginning was always Harry and I have been supportive of his solo endeavors ever since his first individual track “Don’t Let Me Go” was leaked back in 2013. However, I am not the only fan who feels this way with how insanely competitive his ticket sales have been.

For his first ever solo tour, I tried for months to purchase tickets to his Radio City Music Hall show to no avail. I failed during the Ticketmaster sale and the resale prices were blasphemous. For his second tour, however, I was significantly luckier and had center aisle seats in the first row on the floor behind the standing pit. His third tour, Love on Tour, I was not as fortunate.

I tried to purchase pit tickets for five shows. Three Madison Square Garden shows in NYC, the TD Garden show in Boston, and the Wells Fargo Center show in Philadelphia. No luck. This doesn’t include my failed attempts to purchase Harryween tickets for October, where I also had zero luck. My father surprised me and managed to get fairly decent seats for Philadelphia and my entire family was planning on going. And then it happened. COVID-19 came along and decided to ruin everything.

So far, Harry has only delayed the European leg of Love on Tour because it was supposed to happen before the American tour. If the American leg of the tour is postponed, or even worse cancelled, I will personally eradicate this entire disease myself. I will not hesitate to contact an attorney and sue the virus for emotional distress. That is not a threat. It is a promise. I can assure you, COVID-19, that the entire Harry Styles fandom will come for you if you try to take this away from us. Nothing will come between me and my undying love for Harry Styles. Not Ticketmaster. Not scalpers. And certainly not COVID-19. You have been warned.

(disclaimer: I fully understand the severity of COVID-19 and that this is a very minor inconvenience compared to the real world problems people are facing and this is not intended to make a joke of a very serious issue)

Hi! I'm Jess and I'm a junior studying poli sci and biology. I like taking pictures and long walks on the beach.