How You Know Your Best Friend’s Family is Your Second Family

As the school year comes to a close, we inevitably say goodbye to college friends and return home to our high school friends that we left behind nine months ago. Being home means adjusting to our old routines. For many of us, this also means falling back into our honorary role in our best friend’s family. Here are 10 signs that you found your secondary home:

1.     You add items to their grocery list:

Due to the fact that you eat most of their food anyway, adding your personal preferences is always beneficial.

2.     Knocking just isn’t a thing:

Doorbells? Knocking? These formalities don’t exist, as you probably already know the code to their garage or just welcome yourself in without warning.

3.     You talk to their parents more than them:

Most of your FaceTime calls are spent talking to their parents, keeping them up to date on your life drama, and asking them to send you care packages.

4.     Your invite to dinner is assumed:

Whenever takeout is an option, you automatically add your order to the list (which they probably already know).

5.     You’ll wait at their house when they aren’t home:

Because when your best friend isn’t home, waiting for them on their couch and playing with their pets is expected.

6.     Their extended family becomes your own:

You become another grandchild to their grandparents and you know all their cousins on a first name basis.

7.     People think you and your best friend are related when you go out:

Due to the fact that you are constantly running errands with them and their mom, questions about you being related is not uncommon.

8.     Manners fly out the window: 

All the usual formalities when first meeting someone quickly fade, as “thank you”’ and “please” aren’t in your vocabulary.

9.     Your opinion on family decisions is necessary:

Where to go on vacation? Where to order dinner? Ultimately these decisions directly affect you anyway, so your opinion is taken into consideration.

10.  You fight with their siblings as if they were your own:

Because annoying their siblings is just as fun as annoying your own.

So, have fun reuniting with your second family!

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