How to Throw a Friendsgiving in Your 8 Man

With Thanksgiving break fast approaching, many of us are thinking of celebrating not only with our family, but our friends as well. Here are some of my tips on having a successful Friendsgiving while stuck in a dorm:

#1 Have a Plan

You and your besties most likely have crazy schedules which makes it killer to coordinate a group event. In order to avoid leaving someone out, or being left out yourself, plan ahead and the earlier the better! Make sure to pick a day where everyone is free and no one has to worry about finishing a paper or cramming for an exam. You want to make sure your Friendsgiving is relaxing for everyone and that everyone can be there!

#2 The Meal

Now since you are in an 8 man, your cooking appliances are pretty limited. If you want part of your Friendsgiving to be bonding over the cooking, than a crock pot meal is definitely the way to go. However, if you are lazy like me, take out is probably the best option for you. Traditional is definitely not the way to go. Think of places that are relatively inexpensive and will have something everyone will enjoy. Decide on where you want to get take out earlier in the week and collect everyone’s order before hand. This will eliminate the fuss of where to order from and the agitation that arises when everyone is starving. We all have that one friend who wants pizza when everyone else decided on Chinese so make sure to coordinate before hand!

#3 Drinks!

If you’re like me and most college students, you probably don’t have a ton of extra spending money and drinks are expensive. My advice for this dilemma is bagged wine. It definitely isn’t the nicest wine, but when you're on a budget, bagged wine goes with any meal!

#4 The Setup

Turn some tunes on and grab a comfy place on the floor because you will probably not be lucky enough to sit at that tiny table in your dorm room. If you have time, throw some fall decor up and make the day as festive as you want!

#5 The Clean Up

Don’t leave all those dishes for the next day because you’ll end up wishing you used paper instead of those nice plates someone’s mom made them bring on move in day. Divide and conquer is the best way to go and the worst part of the day will be over in a minute!

Happy Friendsgiving!